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  • Factors Affecting Australia's Economy

    the demand for a higher education to receive better jobs (United Nations, 2016). The service sector contributes to 70.1% of the GVA, with careers/jobs focusing in the health care and social assistance fields, with 1,167,573 people being employed in those areas. This can give the younger population to be motivation to do well in school and receive a higher education, since the youth in Australia have a 99% literacy rate (United Nations, 2016). In addition, tourism plays a fairly large role in the service sector with 7.9% of the population being employed through a job involving tourism, which contributes to 5.6% of the total GVA(Tourism Research Australia,pg. iV). While that percentage seems rather small when other factors are taken into account it helps out Australia’s economy. On the other hand, there are quite a few people involved in the industry sector. In recent years the industry sector has seen an increase in the mining and construction areas of industry, but a decrease in the manufacturing and personal services sectors (Australian Industry Report, pg. 25). However, only 20.8% of the population is employed within the industry sector and only contributes to 27.4% of the GVA,…

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  • Economic Development Case Study

    populated workforce has cultivated an environment rich in opportunity, at low costs to companies, generating ideal conditions for foreign investments. China’s nominal GDP of over ten trillion dollars in 2014, 22.6% came from exports to foreign countries, while India exported 23.6% of their two trillion GDP. This immense transfer of goods and services to foreign nations is a pivotal backbone to both nations’ economies. Economists believe things will change in the future, while populations…

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  • Punj Lloyd Case Analysis

    Over the past five years, the gross profit rate has stayed relatively stable. Punj Lloyd’s debt to equity ratio has stayed below 2 over the past five years which bodes well for how the company is juggling their finances in these tough economic times but they should keep an eye on the rising debt-equity ratio. The accounts receivable days in aging is over double the amount of what is recommended for the construction industry. Generally it is recommended that companies maintain an accounts…

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  • Mitttal Steel Case Study

    to grow itself from a small family owned steel business into a global steel power encompasses what it is to go global. This paper will seek to analyze the reasons behind Mittal Steel decision to go global as well as the implications that came with their methods of globalization. Growth of Mittal Steel Beginning in the early 70’s Mittal Steel began in India with the ambition to eventually expand out. Eventually they found their way into Indonesia. This was the first of many…

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  • The Importance Of Credit Cards

    manage business, and you know you have what it takes. But sometimes, a little helpful guidance can help you discover brand new ways to grow your customer base and increase your bottom line - all without breaking the bank. Take credit cards, for instance. It 's likely you 've thought about accepting credit cards at your business. But something is holding you back. Maybe you aren 't sure how to go about it, or what steps you should take to select a merchant account provider - the business that…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Accounting Worksheet

    of the worksheet is to help accountants prepare financial statements. It is used as a tool to record adjustments and provide accurate account balances needed to prepare financial statements. It serves as the central place for all information needed to record adjustments. Strengths of the worksheet include: If a mistake is made on the worksheet it can be easily erased and corrected. It brings to light any discrepancies which would be difficult to detect, and may beinadvertently entered into the…

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  • Direct Cash Flow Method

    subtract $10,000 from net income on the statement of cash flows to make the adjustment. Next, an increase or decrease in current assets other than cash must be entered for adjustment. A $5,000 increase in accounts receivable must be subtracted and a $5,000 decrease in inventory must be added to net income on the statement of cash flows to make the adjustment. Lastly, any increase or decrease in current liabilities must be entered for adjustment. A $2,000 decrease on a short-term note payable…

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  • Boca Raton Regional Hospital Case Study

    science of using tools and monitoring techniques to properly document or provide transparency into a set of problems. Monitoring is the process of observing, checking and documenting a process over a longitudinal period of time.With respect to Boca Raton Regional Hospital (BRRH) our group identified two maintain points of interest when looking at its current finances. The hospital’s days cash on hand is extremely low when benchmarked against other similar institutions. Also noted, Boca Regional…

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  • Polycom Fraud Case Study

    auditors normally do be tweaked (e.g. nature, timing or extent) to catch management off guard? The auditors should assess the company’s environment and market in order to determine whether there is a possibility of the management fraud. The auditors could gather an understanding by investigating the management’s background, look for any factors that signal a motivation for fraud and the management’s influence in making decisions for the organization. (© 2016 Cengage Learning). If the…

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  • How To Write A Case Study: Blujay Aviation

    future acquisitions. Gift Shop Our consultants recommend against investing in the gift shop. You and your partner do not seem very interested in capitalizing in the gift shop. We at Max Profits believe that client has to have the passion in any business venture in which our client wants to participate in. A quick snapshot of what we observed from HNK’s Income Statement, details that the sales have been accruing for the gift shop within the past three years. However the income statement shows…

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