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  • Throwing Under The Bus Analysis

    Introduction The social sciences, the study of human in society and the relationships between humans, connect with how humans interact with each other. Especially how they treat each other after problematic issues, like when their goodness is at stake impacts human behavior. Thus, leading to the expression “throwing someone under the bus” and causing distress to both parties of this situation. The first example is a classic Christmas film, Elf. The second example is an episode from a popular TV show, Gossip Girl, based on a novel series by Cecily von Ziegesar. During these difficult circumstances of throwing someone under the bus, someone will always be hurt in the process, whether it is physical or emotional. Hypothesis To experience being “thrown under the bus” means the individual throwing someone under the bus needs to escape a difficult situation for selfish reasons to protect his or her own goodness in order to benefit themselves. Meanwhile, betraying the other person in the situation, thus the person that is “thrown under the bus” is betrayed. Literature Review and Theoretical Lens A person’s goodness is a fragile part of their well being and consists of what they care for or what they morally expect from themselves. Some of these standards include family, friends, way of life, or something that is near and dear to their hearts. When someone they once deemed virtuous attacks someone’s goodness, the victim of this situation is experiencing being “thrown under the…

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  • Analysis Of Gossip Girl

    The Queens of New York On 2012, the mayor of New York City proclaimed January 26 as an official holiday: Gossip Girl Day. As crazy as it may seem, the mayor believed that New York was portrayed so perfectly in the Gossip Girl shows that it seemed appropriate to recognize its brilliance annually. Gossip Girl is a teen drama series based off of Cecily von Ziegesar’s books. First airing in 2007, this show revolves around elites of New York and grabs the interest of many teens, resulting in winning…

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  • Dream River And The Pool Poem Analysis

    As Canadians, we value many things; one being our land. It is clear how much we cherish this from the line in our anthem, “God keep our land glorious and free”. Therefore, artists like Archibald Lampman and Marjorie Pickthall have written about our beautiful land. Both Pickthall poems “Dream River” and “The Pool” as well as Lampman’s “Morning on the Lièvres” do a wonderful job of describing nature. They constantly refer to gemstones or metals to describe nature’s aspects, thus giving the reader…

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  • Gossip Girl Analysis

    that attend Constance Billard,a private school in New York. I don’t do the dirty work myself, all of the gossip that I tend to tell is sent in by other teens or just pretty much anyone who has the latest dirt on someone that they think should be exposed. The fun part about being “Gossip Girl” is that no one knows who I am. At the very end of the series, I finally tell you who I really am and trust me on this, you will be shocked and probably not think that it is true. You also find out that…

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  • Gossip Girl Character Analysis

    Arising the nineteenths century the English poet Lord Byron was the first model for a Byronic hero. He gains the status as a Byronic character throughout his life with the different characteristics due his personality. In general, a Byronic hero is a person who isolates either physically or emotionally from the world. Furthermore, a Byronic hero characterize himself for example as intelligent, arrogant and emotionally and intellectually tortured. A Byronic hero is also a person who just appears…

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  • Gossip Girl Film Analysis

    hidden blogger that follows the lives of Upper East Side Manhattan residents. The blog queen exposes gossip that could potentially ruin someone’s career, friendship, relationship, marriage, and so on. Throughout each episode, Gossip Girl exposes various secrets one by one. The cast is mostly young privileged teens and their families living in deluxe neighborhoods. Serena Van der Woodsen is the fresh, model-like girl who is in the “popular” group at school, but does not care about her status. She…

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