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  • Kate Chopin And The Awakening

    controversial, and brilliant writer that in this modern day has relatively been forgotten. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1851 to French-Creole descendant Eliza Faris and Irish immigrant Thomas O’Flaherty. It was during her early childhood that she gained her inspiration for writing from her great-grandmother Victoria Verdon Charleville. Chopin also experienced a lot of death during her childhood, her great-grandmother and half brother dying when she was eleven and her father dying after that. Graduating from Academy of the Sacred Heart in 1968 she then took two years to be single, travel and experience the world. Then in 1870 she married a Creole man from Louisiana in 1870. Together they lived in New Orleans and Cloutierville, Natchitoches Parish. By 1879, they had six children. However, Chopin became a widow in 1883 when her husband died of swamp fever. After that she took all of her children and moved back to St. Louis to live with her mother. A year later in 1885 Chopin’s mother dies, leaving her with no family besides her children. Her first appearance in print was a poem named “If it might be” which was published in a magazine in 1888. Her first published work, however, did not come out until 1890, a novel called At Fault. Then two collections of short fiction titled Bayou Folk and A Night in Acadie were published in 1894 and 1897, respectively. It was also during 1894 that the chilling short story The Story of an Hour was published in VOGUE. Then in 1899 what…

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  • The Importance Of Interest In The Academic Library

    In the academic library that I chose to examine, finding the reference desk is no easy task for the unfamiliar patron. With three major entrances and six floors to navigate, this library is an epitome of what most libraries would strive to have: boundless space for patrons and a vast, growing collection. The patron, however, could easily take one glance at this gargantuan building and easily become overwhelmed, despite the services that this one building contains, such as being combined with…

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  • The Importance Of Church Administration

    Assessing and assessment reports within the church are a crucial and essential part of creating organization and order within the church administration and staff. You have got to know where you are before you can make a plan toward where you sense God is leading. Without assessments and reporting in the church; acquiring higher quality servant leaders would be difficult to attain. In this active culture of today it’s necessary to have just as much of an active church administration. Robert…

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  • Bonnie Parker Research Paper

    She wanted to be well-known; for everyone to know her name. With some help from another individual, she reached that goal. However, not in a way many people would expect. This was the head of Bonnie Parker’s life. She had a strong lead in school, but a hard, dishonest relationship with her love afterwards. This lead to a frenzy of murders and robberies, including the Bloody Frolic of 1932. If her life was not cut so short, she could have done much more damage. Bonnie Parker was the female…

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  • Butler Cemetery Essay

    1860, died 27 December 1860 c/o Wallace Price & Honorine Robichaux, on marker: Honorine Robichaux wife of Wallace Price and her infant 2) Honorine Marie Robichaux died January 5, 1861. Born on March 28, 1842, w/o John Wallace Price, d/o Jean Baptiste Honore Robichaux and Marie Eudalise Badeaux. 3) Naquin, Mathilde Emma (Bergeron), died 19 Apr 1862, w/o Elie Augustin Naquin, d/o Joseph Bergeron & Evelina Baudoin 4) Bourg, Malvina Marie (Leboeuf) died January 1863, w/o Gabriel Paul Bourg, d/o…

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  • Personal Narrative: Forensics Day

    For the field trip we went to three places; the first of these being the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Forensic Investigation Unit. While we were there, the sheriffs on duty demonstrated to us how they dust for fingerprints, likewise the products they use to do so. Generally, they only use black dust to catch the print, but the dust comes in almost every color, as well as magnetic for easy clean up. Our second stop was the Calcasieu Parish Coroner’s Office, where we were shown a presentation on…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Head Start

    that cycle of inequality by providing equal learning opportunities that benefit children living in poverty and minorities. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “If you can 't fly then run, if you can 't run then walk, if you can 't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” These words of a visionary is what our community must do to ensure academic success for future generations. Based on legislation, Louisiana politicians are not advocates for education. With more…

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  • The Vessel Bend The Water Poem Analysis

    There is much depth to all forms of art, including poetry; poems offer a plethora of emotions and experiences at face value, but once more knowledge is provided, the entire perspective can change and create a deeper understanding for the reader. Katie Ford’s engaging and thoughtful poem, “The Vessel Bends the Water,” is a perfect example of this experience. The first couple of times I read the poem, I believed it to be about lost love through hardship. After briefly researching the author and…

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  • Kate Chopin Short Biography

    They moved to New Orleans as a married couple and had six children together birthing their first child in 1871. Oscar soon became a cotton agent selling cotton for plantation owners to buyers. His business would eventually slow down and the Chopin family relocated to Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. In the biography, A life of the author of The Awakening, written By Emily Toth, Toth revealed that Kate Chopin had a lover named Albert Sampite. (Tucker 105) She (Emily Toth) discovered unknown facts…

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  • The Story Of An Hour And Athenaïse Analysis

    a domineering husband. In “Athénaïse” the aspect that children help strengthen the bond of husband and wife is added. The character shows this because at first she hated being married, but at the end her view is flipped when she finds out that she is pregnant. She is forced to marry by her parents and society. In Kate Chopin’s “Athénaïse”, the author is saying that marriage forces woman to conform to society 's expectations while causing them to lose their individualism and freedom, and the only…

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