Personal Narrative: Forensics Day

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Once upon a time in a land far away…….oh wait, wrong story. Once upon a time in Louisiana, there was a girl in 4-H named Kourtni Thibodeaux and that girl was me; correction, is me and as you can presume I’m a bit of a jokester. I am sixteen-years-old, in the eleventh grade, and this is my eighth year participating in 4-H, sixth year a part of the Calcasieu Homeschool 4-H Club. This year, I was elected senior parliamentarian of my club. Being homeschooled, I have a lot of time to work on my 4-H and really be involved, with which I very much enjoyed.

There are six people in my family, those being my mom, dad, two older brothers, and twin sister. In addition to being an amazing mom, she’s also a great teacher. When my sister and
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For the field trip we went to three places; the first of these being the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Forensic Investigation Unit. While we were there, the sheriffs on duty demonstrated to us how they dust for fingerprints, likewise the products they use to do so. Generally, they only use black dust to catch the print, but the dust comes in almost every color, as well as magnetic for easy clean up. Our second stop was the Calcasieu Parish Coroner’s Office, where we were shown a presentation on identifying the cause of death on a body found, using information such as how far away the gun was located. To determine this, they examine the area near the gunshot wound for burns and powder; the more of these, the closer the gun was when the bullet was discharged. Moreover, we also met the coroner who presented us with a tabletop of organs for us to examine, even allowing us to don gloves and handle them. Unfortunately, we could also smell them! The third, and final, destination was the Southwest Louisiana Regional Laboratory. Of the things we were shown here, the most intriguing, was a fingerprint which was lifted off a feather. I also saw how they test unknown substances to see which drug it is. One example they displayed to us was how a specific substance changes to orange in color when methamphetamine is present. At the end of the day, we trekked back to …show more content…
Jeane Prejean, the lady in charge, taught a horse safety course where I was educated on how to properly behave around a horse and groundwork a horse. As well as this, she explained to us how therapeutic horse riding is beneficial; it engages people to learn moreover, riding a horse is the closest sensation, in the middle section of the body, to walking which aids in people who undergo challenges with their walking or only just learning how to walk. I truly enjoyed doing said project book and learning the multitude of information that this book gave me the ability to

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