City Ranch Case Study

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Horses are not just animals. They are healers and teachers to kids and adults who interact with them at The City Ranch in Windsor Mill, MD just five minutes away from Baltimore city.
City Ranch’s purpose is to provide horsemanship and horseback experiences to inner-city kids in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. The non-profit organization has been operating since 2007. The ranch offers a variety of lessons such as horseback riding and therapy riding. Pony parties and workshops in horsemanship and in general horse care are also offered.
“We began with one horse and one mission and that is to make horsemanship available and affordable to people throughout the Baltimore area. Our true mission right now is to take the horses to the schools,” longtime trainer Randy said.
Ever since the mission began, The City Ranch continues to reach more youth. The organization is able to sustain through donations and partnerships with local schools. Each school applies for a funding grant through the city. After a school gains approval, The City Ranch team visits the school for six weeks and teach horsemanship lessons. Kids are taught how to groom and identify
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“The objective is to have spaces like this existing in Baltimore City so if you live in Northeast Baltimore you don’t have to go to Port Covington to take an hour horseback riding lesson. It should be locally available. Also, we’re looking at long-term sustainability. We put a lot of energy and effort in getting the program off the ground and running. We want to be able to pass it on and make sure that it doesn’t fold after our retirement. For young people who have an interest in horses, an interest in service this is an opportunity for them to develop their interest and be another asset to the community,” Dahn

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