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  • Personal Narrative: Forensics Day

    Once upon a time in a land far away…….oh wait, wrong story. Once upon a time in Louisiana, there was a girl in 4-H named Kourtni Thibodeaux and that girl was me; correction, is me and as you can presume I’m a bit of a jokester. I am sixteen-years-old, in the eleventh grade, and this is my eighth year participating in 4-H, sixth year a part of the Calcasieu Homeschool 4-H Club. This year, I was elected senior parliamentarian of my club. Being homeschooled, I have a lot of time to work on my 4-H and really be involved, with which I very much enjoyed. There are six people in my family, those being my mom, dad, two older brothers, and twin sister. In addition to being an amazing mom, she’s also a great teacher. When my sister and I were at the end of fifth grade, she decided to remove us from the public school system and instead homeschool us. My dad is retired due to his rheumatoid arthritis, although he maintains keeping busy by cutting grass, shrimping, and being a fantastic daddy. The older of my brothers, Keith, lives in Georgia working as a Senior Software Engineer for Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance, and recently became a father; meanwhile my other brother,Kenny, is still figuring out life. As stated above, I have a twin sister,Kari; she is also in 4-H. I love her to bits and would never trade her for anything! Interest music superhero movies specifically marvel cinematic universe As I said before, I have been a part of Calcasieu Parish…

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  • Cocaine Addiction Research Paper

    According to the Acadiana Addiction Center, there are several factors that can cause cocaine addictions, such as genetics, environmental, biological, and psychological. Genetically; research has shown that individuals who have relatives that have an addiction problem are more likely at develop an addiction. Biological; changes in the structure and function of the brain have been linked to addiction problems; for example, when dopamine levels are low an individual may abuse cocaine or other…

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  • Case Study Apollo Shoes Case

    | | | | | | TB – Traced to the TB on GA-6 F - footed Adjustment AJE#6 Insurance Expense 887,004.99 Pre-Paid Insurance 887,004.99 To reflect the additional amortization of the 2007 insurance premiums. E-2 E-2 Prepaid Insurance Roll-forward For the Year Ended 12/31/2007 Year-End Balance 12/31/2006 $743,314.38 E-1 Additions (purchases for the year)…

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