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  • Flag Wars

    During the white flight migration of the mid-19th century, many white families fled their urban neighborhoods to avoid various levels of racial integration. When they left the cities for the suburbs they took with them their money and businesses. Their departure created a ripple effect. As they moved out, crime moved in. Property values shrunk and with that tax revenue also declined. With less money to support the established infrastructure public services became less and less available. The documentary, Flag Wars, chronicles the gentrification of Olde Towne East, a downtown, urban Columbus, Ohio neighborhood. In the 1990’s several of Olde Towne’s rundown and at times abandoned properties became viewed as desirable real-estate to cash-flushed…

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  • Six Flags Corporation: Business Analysis

    quality to exceed the needs of their customers. Continuous improvement is implemented frequently in order to improve products, services, or such processes and deal with key issues related to how goods and services are designed, created, and delivered. (OM, 2014) The purpose of this research paper is to provide a strategy for initiatives using continuous improvement approaches in the Amusement Park business through analyzing specific defaults in the Six Flags Corporation. Analysis will include an…

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  • Jasper Johns Flag

    placed right at the beginning of the exhibit, was by artist Jasper Johns called Flag. Flag is a piece associated with Johns’ theme of repetition in his artworks as well as influenced by personal and historical contexts. Flag was made between 1954-55 with encaustic, oil, and collage on fabric mounted on plywood in three panels. The formal aspects combined created a flag with red, white, and blue which are the symbolic colors of American culture. The flag contains forty-eight stars and thirteen…

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  • American Flag Speeches

    Our Flag Have you ever put deep thought into something that seemed so simple? The 13 red and white stripes, and 50 white stars outlined in blue are truly more than a piece of cloth. The United States Flag is a beautiful symbol of America. When I glance at the American flag, the feeling of pride fills my body. I am very proud to live in America, where our soldiers fought proudly with the flag by their side. I am proud to be able to gaze at the symbol of the United States every day, and remember…

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  • Flag Desecration Research Paper

    Ever since the first incident of flag burning occurred in the United States, it has been heavily debated whether or not one has the right to desecrate the country’s stars and stripes. Today, it is within the law to burn the flag as a form of expression. It has not always been that way. Once the Vietnam War started, many people protesting the war demonstrated their hatred for the country’s actions by burning the national flag. This led to the action becoming a federal offense, anyone committing…

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  • Essay On The American Flag

    Introduction The United States Flag has been the symbol of the free world and the bastion of democracy for centuries. The flag itself is the national symbol that goes by nicknames such as “the Star Spangled Banner”. The American flag is one of the highly recognizable symbols in the world. This is mainly because of the status of the United States as one of the most influential countries in history. The American flag is important because it signifies the independent government, the history, and…

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  • The Symbol Of The Confederate Flag

    On July 10, 2015, the Confederate flag was removed from the statehouse in South Carolina. The taking down of the flag caused a gigantic controversy between different groups. Some Americans believe the flag represents hatred, slavery, and racism, while others believe it represents southern heritage and freedom. The Confederate flag has a red background with a blue cross diagonally, outlined by white. In the blue cross, there are 13 five-pointed white stars. The controversy that has arisen is…

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  • Bethe Dufresne's Last Words: Two Confederate Flags

    In “ Last Words: Two Confederate Flags ”, there are two different kinds of display of the confederate flags. One is in a form of a headstone with words and a picture of Big Ed extending his middle finger, the other is a simple flag hanging on a wooden stick waiting to be destroyed by a strong wind. Bethe Dufresne argues that the confederate flags are history factors, and we should embrace their historical value. Furthermore, the flags should be displayed as " a muted artifact of unspeakable…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Flag Burning

    The time finally came when flag burning became a federal offense, Congress passing this law around the time the Vietnam War started. Late in the 1900 's, a man named Gregory Lee Johnson was convicted for burning the flag during a Republican Convention. Although he was initially convicted, the Supreme Court later decided that the freedom of expression permits him to burn the flag. A huge dispute broke out in Elk Grove High School in the post Eichman-era as to whether or not a mural depicting a…

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  • The Influence Of The American Flag Protest

    On April 17, 2015, a protest group, which included Eric Sheppard, walked on the American Flag in the front of Odum Library at Valdosta State University. This was in an effort to protest racism in our country. Shortly after, a local veteran, Michelle Manhart, was detained for taking the flag from the protest group in what was her attempt to be able to dispose of the ripped flag properly. She was not charged but was banned from VSU in the future (ValdostaDailyTimes). I could not believe what I was…

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