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  • Sputnik's Technological Advancements During The Cold War

    The launch of Sputnik made the US push harder for a satellite than ever before. The launch of the US satellite was made possible by funding that politicians made towards the research. The first satellite attempt by the US was made by the US Navy, and was named Vanguard. The satellite the Navy made was not nearly as heavy as the Sputnik satellite, which weighed 184 pounds, the Vanguard satellite only weighed 3 pounds and was much smaller. The launch of the Vanguard satellite was going to take place on Cape Canaveral in Florida. The Vanguard satellite was launched on December 6, 1957 at 11:44 AM. What happened next was the worst possible outcome, the rocket barely got in the air when it burst into flames. After only a couple minutes all that remained of the rocket was the Vanguard satellite. Now all eyes were on the US Army and their satellite named Explorer I. The Explorer satellite was lighter than its Soviet counterpart The US Army planned to launch Explorer I in Alabama. The Explorer I satellite was going to be launched into space by the Redstone Rocket, it was named “Redstone” because of the red soil in Alabama. Early in the morning on January 31, 1958 the Explorer satellite launched into space flawlessly (Crompton…

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  • John Clifton Bogle's 'Enough'

    A book by John Clifton Bogle, founder and former CEO of the Vanguard Mutual Fund Group and one of the greatest investors in the history, titled “Enough”(2009) is a relatively quick and good read in the financial literature genre. Although the book’s jacket is not very attractive— it has no photographs or illustrations, its title, in my opinion, is quite catchy, and attracts ones’ attention. Moreover, the title does encapsulate the main message—that the average investor feeds at the bottom of…

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  • Mutual Fund Summary

    Vanguard REIT Exchange Traded Fund (VNQ) Fund Summary Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ) is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in equities issued by real estate investment trusts (REITs) which firms focus on purchasing office buildings or any other real properties (Investopedia 2015). Until 2016, the fund total net asset is about $64.2 billion and net asset value is around $80.2, moreover, it has a nearly 100% stocks as its assets (see Appendix 1). Its issuer is Vanguard which is one of the…

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  • Explain How To Plan And Budget For A Digital Transformation Project

    How to Plan and Budget for a 2017 Digital Transformation Project Companies launch a digital transformation initiative for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to respond to changes in customer demands and preferences, others are trying to remain competitive and some companies see the opportunity to expand into new markets. Whatever your organization 's reason for undertaking a digital transformation project, you will need to plan and budget wisely if you want the project to be a success.…

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  • The Ranger Program Essay

    Yuri Gagarin was launched into space on April 12, 1961 in a spacecraft called Vostok 1. He made a complete orbit around the Earth in 108 minutes before coming back down. After the Soviet Union’s major success with sending a human into space, President John F. Kennedy announced that the United States would send a man to the moon by the year 1970, marking the end of the space race.(Bello, Francis (1959). "The Early Space Age") During the competition against each other, the United States and the…

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  • Examples Of Crowdfunding Project

    participation in a crowdfunding project. 1. Financial Value: It is based on the individual’s return as a result of his/her investment. This is the strongest of all predictor variables. 2. Functional Value: According to the functionality of the project according to the supporter plays an important role in the intention to participate. 3. Social Value: Some people take part in a crowdfunding project for self-expression. This also motivates people to support projects. 4.…

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  • Role And Scope Of Work Of The Financial Service Office In Humanities

    2.3 Project Deliverables The project’s key deliverables are: Document / s covering: ▪ Matrix of processes and systems under Humanities Financial Services Office and respective Teaching Areas, ▪ Services identified for improvement via end to end processing / procurement arrangements / invoicing, ▪ Recommended process flow for identified services, ▪ List of service deliverables (with the resource requirement) of the Humanities Financial Services Office, …

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  • Lee Marine Engineering Case Study

    Background of UniKL MIMET Shipyard UniKL MIMET a MARA Technical Institute of Higher Learning was established in 2004. On 20th August 2002, MIMET became an Institute of University Kuala Lumpur and named University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology. Offering a number of industry specific courses are the main function of UniKL MIMET. The program is designed to produce high-quality talent for the marine and marine industries. Students who graduates from UniKL MIMET…

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  • Outline: The Language Of Art And Architecture

    Chapter Two Outline A. THE LANGUAGE OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE I. The language of art and architecture is based on the formal elements and how those elements are presented. II. The main elements of art are line, light and value, color, texture and pattern, shape, volume, along with much more. III. Architecture also has a structural side, which is how buildings are constructed. B. FORMAL ELEMENTS I. The formal elements are the basics of what makes up art and architecture. • Line: I. In art, a line…

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  • Tartan Case Study

    It could be done by the software engineer himself, or the software engineer could also invite others to review his design. This is important since we will spend less effort to find design bugs if we filter those bugs as early as possible. From the Tartan case study[2], we learned that bugs are easy to cascade and the Tartan team spent 30%-50% of the total project effort for them. The Tartan team then used various techniques to prevent this cascading from happening, including design review, and…

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