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  • Difference Between Chinese New Year And The Lunar Calendar

    Chinese New Year celebrates new year in Lunar Calendar, and the day of Lunar Calendar that celebrates Chinese New Year is different every year. Chinese New Year usually occurs in February. Chinese New Year is the most important day for Chinese people. Most Chinese people would go back to their hometown to celebrate this traditional day especially the elder Chinese people since they really want to meet with their families. In China most people go to the other cities to find better jobs. It is hard to communicate with family when they work in other cities. Phone calls may be good ways to communicate, but face to face talking is better than using phones since it is needed to show the respect to each other, and people will know how you’re feeling about any topic. The difference between Chinese New Year and other holidays is no matter how far you live, you must go back home and spend time with your family. Even though my father and mother have jobs and live in America, they take vacations and go back to China to celebrate this special day because Chinese New Year is the only time that their brothers and sisters have time to sit down and communicate with each other. Since I had school during Chinese New Year, I went to Oakland China Town to celebrate Chinese New Year. On February 10 2013, I remember that was the first year I lived in America, and I woke up at 4 a.m. because the U.S. and China are in different time zones. It was 8 p.m. in China. I used video chat with my parents.…

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  • Aztec Calendar Essay

    The purpose of a calendar is to keep track of things such as the past or future time, days until a certain event happens which could be holidays or someone’s birthday, or time since an event has happened. There are many different variations of the calendar, including Egyptian, Roman, Gregorian, Lunar, etc. The creation of the calendar was influenced by the geographical location as well as the seasons, although, in warmer countries where seasons cannot be differentiated, the moon would keep the…

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  • Comparison Essay: Public Vs Private Law Office

    is always a master calendar that goes to the whole legal team, and there are usually personal calendars that each member of the legal team keeps separately. The book also illustrates that some calendaring is done automatically by computer and some is done manually and describes what details are included on a calendar event. The book includes the importance of calendaring events as soon as they are discovered, and the importance of setting periodic reminders of crucial dates through a tickler…

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  • Dazzlers Of Mcneese Case Study

    The account holder will be responsible for any NSF checks and if more than two (2) NSF checks are received in an academic calendar year, member will be dismissed from the organization and may repeat the tryouts when available for the next academic calendar year. - There are NO REFUNDS of monies if a members’ membership is terminated for any reason. - The advisor, president/captain, vice-president/co-captain, and treasurer shall have access to bank accounts, bank statements, and bank audits.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Managing My Time

    Managing my time has been the biggest obstacle I have faced all semester. Learning how to manage school from work and also giving myself time to study became very overwhelming. I did some research on calendar systems to see what system worked best for me. The three main calendar systems I came across during my searching were; making a list of task I need to accomplish, using a schedule book to stay organized, or to use an alarm on a device for events. The best calendar system that worked best…

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  • Chinese Culture In China

    different celebrations throughout the year. In times when productivity was very low, the Chinese would celebrate to bring out people in hopes of boosting the output in the countryside. Fortunately for the Chinese, they have experienced a lot of prosperity over the course of their history. Today, Festivals are used as celebrations instead of recruitment. “The most significant festivals in the Chinese calendar remain those connected to the spring planting and autumn harvest” (GaleGroup). The…

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  • Tide Waves Research Paper

    Using lunar calendars and the common knowledge that the moon’s phases are a direct result of the moon’s position in its orbit around Earth, the phase of the moon at any point in time can be predicted with high reliability. The average person could predict that in a year the moon will be full, as opposed to the New Moon being experienced…

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  • Lunar New Year Speech

    Rob: Thank you Don for joining us today to celebrate the Lunar New Year. I’m Rob Mailloux, the executive sponsor for the ASIAN ERG. I’d like to wish you all a happy new year. Maybe have Rob say “Happy New Year” in a few different languages. For example: Vietnamese: “Chuc Mung Nam Moi” Chinese (Cantonese): “Gong Hai Fat Choy” Bangladesh: “Shuvo noboborsho” For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey is actually the 9th animal in 12 Zodiac signs. Each sign in…

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  • Paragraph About Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year is a very important celebration in China or the “Lunar New Year” as it’s called in other Asian countries. The Chinese New Year is the fifteen day of the lunisolar calendar this calendar method is based on the moons orbit around the earth while our calendar is based on the earth orbiting around the sun. The lunar New Years falls on the first new moon between January twenty-one and February twenty. It has been a tradition for centuries, it began back in the…

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  • The Holidays Of The Eid-Ul-Fitr

    As Ramadan comes to an end, many Islam believers will end the month long fasting with the celebration of Eid- ul-fitr (EID). The Eid al-Fitr (the Feast of Fast-Breaking) is also known as the Eid as-Saghir (the Lesser Eid), and comes first in the Islamic calendar. Eid falls on the first three days after Ramadan (Noakes, Greg). Eid-ul-fitr “One of the most important holidays of the Muslim calendar lasts for three days. It is a festival of victory and faith, time for relaxation, of hope renewed,…

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