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  • Coldwater High School Soccer Game Analysis

    On Saturday, October 15th, we played a soccer game out in the freezing rain. This game impacted my mood a lot more different because it was about forty degrees and raining. The game took place in Coldwater, Mi next to the prison. During the game you could smell Hungry Howies Pizza across the street. Even though I was smelling pizza the whole time, I was still impacted negativity by the game. Since it was raining, I was cold, tired, and just not in the mood to run, which is why, in my bad mood, I played defense instead of offense. After having spent about five of my Sunday’s running around on what should be considered a “lazy day”, I got pretty tired of it. That day, there were a good 22 players there and it was the first weekend since the JV Coldwater High School Soccer boys got back from their own season. The ratio from guys to girls was 13:9, which was an average amount of girls for the game. Each girl had short black athletic shorts on with the grey striped jersey tucked in. Each boy had a different style than the girls which made me think that every girl was just basic. While I was thinking of how basic every girl was I…

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  • The Role Of Hunger In Richard Wright's Black Boy

    starving or having just enough food to eat. Being hungry lead to desperation in Richard Wright’s life. The author writes, “ Once again I knew hunger, biting hunger, Hunger that made my body aimlessly restless, hunger that kept me on the edge, that made my temper flare, hunger that made the leap out of my heart like the dart of a serpent’s tongue, hunger that created in me odd cravings. No food that I could dream of seemed half so utterly delicious as a vanilla wafers. Every Time I…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: When I Buy A Pizza

    just got the urge for a pizza? We all do this but some of us simply go to the closest pizza shop and get a greasy, overpriced pizza, feel unhealthy the next morning and regret buying the pizza, as well as having less money in our pockets. I have done this plenty of times. I would be much better off if I thought about my decision before just jumping in the car and going to the nearest place. From this moment onwards, I know where I will be going for a pizza even if it means driving a little…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Aunt Barb's Suicide

    at the end of July. Between May and July, I barely slept. My broken heart resulted in many sleepless nights. A therapist told me that Barb’s made the suicide decision, not me, yet I refused to accept it. My family drove from Minneapolis to Schroeder, Minnesota, to a vacation spot called Lamb 's Campground. My dad signed us in, we set up camp, made a fire, and after that went to bed. The next day we were planning to go to Grand Marais, which kept me excited most of the night. After my family and…

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  • Ciabatta Cubes Essay

    Crumbled Lamb Sausages with Ciabatta Cubes Ingredients: • 8 ounces Ciabatta bread • 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese (reduced fat) • 1/2 cup green onions • 1 lb. lamb sausage links • 1 and 1/4 cups fat-free milk • 1 carton egg substitute • Cooking spray • 2 tbsp. fresh parsley • 2 large eggs Directions: 1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. 2. On a baking sheet, line the Ciabatta bread cubes in one layer and bake in the oven for 8 minutes. 3. As soon as the bread turns golden brown, remove from…

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  • Themes Of Pop Culture

    One of the main themes in this chapter is pop culture. Its is pop culture because Matthew Kabong is a normal guy working as a delivery man and he is spreading the mainstream culture just like the other working teens did. This day he was delivering pizza to a trailer in a place called Meadowbrook. There were five member who worked in the kitchen to prepare the pizza. Dave Feamster is the owner of the Little Caesars. He used to play in the youth hockey leagues and went to college for a business…

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  • Explain How To Grow Your Own Pizza Essay

    Passage 2 Grow Your Own Pizza One of the best ways to learn about plants is to grow your own vegetable and herb garden. An added bonus is getting to eat what you grow! Wouldn’t it be fun to grow a pizza? Well, maybe you wouldn’t grow the pizza, but you could grow some of the ingredients. A simple cheese pizza has tomatoes and herbs in the sauce. In a pizza garden you can grow tomatoes and a few common herbs, such as oregano, parsley, and basil. These plants are easy to grow, and it is a bunch…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Ever Been To Chicago

    Descriptive Essay Ever been to Chicago? Well here is three descriptive paragraphs about the windy city. They call Chicago the windy city because wherever you go there is a breeze and while looking up walking down the streets you see building sway back and forth like a twizzler your flopping around. Chicago is beautiful like a rose in the park. Chicago has big city lights that glow so bright you can see it from the bottom of the Mitten. In Chicago you see lots and i mean lots of pizza places.…

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  • Marchica's Life Case Study

    obstacles and dilemmas to become the self-proclaimed “Pizza King” of Melbourne. On December 1, 2005, Marchica’s life changed forever when he was arrested for drug trafficking by the United States Federal Marshalls. On the same night, he lost his family, house and all earthly possessions. He was sentenced to a medium security prison in Jessop, Georgia, where he finished his high school diploma and started taking college classes in business administration. Over the next 60 months incarcerated,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Native New Yorker

    Yuma, AZ is quoted as saying, “He extends an invitation for people ‘to come by and see the new look, have a cold beer and some wings and enjoy their favorite game’”(qtd. The Sun par. 2). This sports bar theme is one of the selling points for the restaurant. One review describes this same sports bar type place and makes reference to enough room to fit a large group of about thirty people during the NBA playoffs without calling in a reservation (Mark S. par. 2). Perhaps it takes more than the…

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