Coldwater High School Soccer Game Analysis

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On Saturday, October 15th, we played a soccer game out in the freezing rain. This game impacted my mood a lot more different because it was about forty degrees and raining. The game took place in Coldwater, Mi next to the prison. During the game you could smell Hungry Howies Pizza across the street. Even though I was smelling pizza the whole time, I was still impacted negativity by the game. Since it was raining, I was cold, tired, and just not in the mood to run, which is why, in my bad mood, I played defense instead of offense. After having spent about five of my Sunday’s running around on what should be considered a “lazy day”, I got pretty tired of it. That day, there were a good 22 players there and it was the first weekend since the JV Coldwater High School Soccer boys got back from their own season. The ratio from guys to girls was 13:9, which was an average amount of girls for the game. Each girl had short black athletic shorts on with the grey striped jersey tucked in. Each boy had a different style than the girls which made me think that every girl was just basic. While I was thinking of how basic every girl was I …show more content…
No one knew what was going on. During that time, our goalie Alyass continues to ask so many questions to the defensive players even though we were in the same spot as him. The refs called half which was the best thing that could ever happen for the sake of my lungs being completely exhausted from doing nothing. I sat down drinking out of my matte black 16 oz water bottle like I had just ran 20 miles. The cold air had made me feel that way since it was so sharp feeling in my lungs. Both teams were sitting on the separate benches watching the girl who headed the ball on the guy regaining her sight back after 4 minutes. We all noticed a black mom type van pulling up along the path next to the prison fence coming to get the

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