Soccer Game Analysis

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Soccer is a popular sports game in the world. Many people from children to old people like to play, watch, and support this sport game. The idea of the game began in China during the second and third centuries B.C., but the modern started of the game began in England. Also, the first league began in England between virus clubs in England. After that, the game spread around the entire world. So, each country created its national team and its league. The world decided to create The FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) to control the rules of the game and other things of the game. Although many things had been changed in soccer game, it is still the number one sport game play in the world. Soccer can be defined by the rules of the game, players, and fans. First thing that define a soccer game is the rules of the game, there are many rules created to play this game. Many people can play this game at home, school, and other places, but if they want to play team by team for an official game they need to follow the rules of the game. First …show more content…
Each team has a system to determine the player skill and ability. The player should show them his ability and skill to play soccer. For example, someone went to Huston Dynamo soccer team in order to join the team and play with them in MLS (Major League Soccer). The team put him to do some practice for a week and after that they will see if he is deserve to play with them or not. Also, the player should listen to his coach and learn from him the tactic of each match. For example, sometimes the coach in the match asked a player to support the defense players by returning to the defense area. The player should listen to his manager and return to the back. So, these things make a person suitable to play

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