Personal Narrative Essay: When I Buy A Pizza

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Have you ever sat at home and just got the urge for a pizza? We all do this but some of us simply go to the closest pizza shop and get a greasy, overpriced pizza, feel unhealthy the next morning and regret buying the pizza, as well as having less money in our pockets. I have done this plenty of times. I would be much better off if I thought about my decision before just jumping in the car and going to the nearest place. From this moment onwards, I know where I will be going for a pizza even if it means driving a little further as I know I will have a more pleasant experience, get a lot for my money and appreciate the pizza that I am eating.
I had five criteria for analyzing the pizza shops. These were: variety of pizza, time taken to get the pizza, how well the pizza is cooked, taste of the pizza, sides and extras. These are the most important traits I look for when I buy a pizza, so others may not like the pizza shops that I do because everyone has different opinions on the type of pizza they like.
The first time I went to Dario’s pizza shop was on a Friday evening at
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I found it was still steaming. I could only just eat it without waiting for it to cool down, so it was obviously very hot, which is how I like it. It was also a lovely golden-brown colour so was not hard because of being burnt but also did not flop when I picked it up. This was due to the base being quite thick, which meant the toppings did not fall off. I thought this was good as I did not feel messy eating the pizza. Normally, the toppings fall off so I have to be careful of dropping some bits down myself. I usually have to appreciate most of the toppings after I have eaten my pizza because they had fallen off whilst I was biting into it. The vegetables were also soft but slightly crunchy inside so felt fresh and juicy, but were clearly cooked to perfection. The cheese was melted but was not too stringy so the pizza was not hard to

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