Marketing Characteristics Of Pizza Hut

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1.1 Product Pizza Hut is the one of the largest pizza 's restaurant chain in the world. The Pizza Hut have more than 320 restaurant chain in Malaysia. They are provide a variety of pizzas to customers .There are some raw material of the pizza hut in prepare food are cheese, flour, dobines, vegetables and others .Product that is the one of the key of element in the market offering that can new offered to a market that satisfy customers need and want. Malaysia is a culture country, so the Pizza Hut are considered about the culture of Malaysia and multiple racial people stayed in Malaysia. Pizza Hut are trying to provide a suitable product for the customers in Malaysia. Furthermore, Pizza Hut also provide the good service for customers to satisfy …show more content…
Pizza Hut also prepare the fresh dough and the toppings are replenished with the generous dashes of mozzarealla cheese everyday because it’s to make sure the quality of pizza is the good, and make a delicious pizza ,so that can attract more customers. Moreover, Pizza Hut also have variety of pizzas and p for customers. The COMBO MEALS of Pizza Hut have divided in 3 categories such as 1 personal pizza which served for one person, 1 regular which served for 2 persons and 1 regular pan pizza which served for 6 persons. Pizza hut have also divided into 2 categories of kids ' meal. The kid can choose their favourite flavour of pan pizza by themselves, the flavour of pizza in the set meal are not fixed, because Pizza Hut respect to the choice of customer. Process It is depends to the process and methods of providing a service. For example, the method of handling in sales, the processing when orders and after-sale service can be very important for the elements of the marketing mix. The only freshly made Pizza and pastas is served by the Pizza …show more content…
Besides that, the pizza make by Pizza Hut is manufacturing process at pizza hut is completely transparent. Customers are also invited to check the ingredients used in a pizza. Pizza hut is provided the faster take away refined carryout procedures, it is can be more efficient service rapidly expanded pizza hut delivery operations everywhere the country implementing combination operations. 1. Understand the Market Place ,Needs ,Wants & Demands: • Pizza Hut are always increasing something new item to their menu. This is trying to achieve new markets. • Pizza Hut are offered many different type of the food items for customers for those did not certainly want to ordered pizza. • Pizza Hut are still using the diversification of their pizza for according to culture & people regional values, • They also offering different varieties of pizza according to the customer’s want & purchasing power. For an example The Extreme pizza. 2. Designing a Customer Driven Marketing Strategy: • Their main strategy is the diversification of products what they offer. • Other strategies that pizza hut using are C.H.A.M.P.S. & 3 F’s. • According to customer’s demand they make their strategies by keeping following points in mind;  Which customer they will

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