Billy's Barbeque Case Analysis

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To register good business performance in terms of profits and revenue base from the Chinese Capital, Billy’s Barbeque should adopt some local cuisine in its menu. Chinese people adore their culture and are reluctant to embrace the western culture. Any product or service that is customized to the local standards will, therefore, sell in China.
China Popular Local Foods
China is a rich culture that is practiced at all times, which sets them apart from the rest of the countries. The rich culture is evident in their cuisines that are famed for their meaning appearance, taste, color, and aroma. J. Li and Y. Hsieh (2010) asserts that some of the typical Chinese Dishes include Gong Bao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Ma Po Tofu Wontons, Chow Mein, Dumplings,
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The upper and the middle class usually have high disposable income hence are likely to be the regular customers at the joint. Consequently, the fast food joint in China should make certain that they elevate their standards to meet the tastes and preferences of the target customer.
Billy’s Barbeque are assured of success in the market just the same way as the American fast foods giants such as McDonalds, KFC, and Starbucks. Billy’s Barbeque localization strategy will sell in Beijing significantly because the locals can easily relate to the products and design of the fast food joint. The décor that reflects Chinese Culture is one concept that will sell the fast-food joint. Chinese embrace their culture hence the fast food joint should shy away from any attempt to westernize their menu and the design of the
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The alternative flavors, side dishes, and drinks should be considered. China has some of the best side dishes that the fast food joint cannot afford to ignore in a bid to make a foothold in the market. Raw fish salad, vegetable rolls with chilies mayonnaise, sesame noodle salad, and roasted sweet potatoes are some of the most common side dishes in China.
China has made a significant contribution to the world in all aspects including food, nutrition, and cuisine aesthetics. Chinese cuisine is majorly based on agricultural products such as cereals, vegetables, and meet. The country locals have a significant preference to cooked food as opposed to processed foods, which is very common with the western nations. The hot and cooked food concept in China attests to their excellent culinary skills in the country. Chinese tea is a great manifestation of the Chinese art and one of the favorite drinks among the locals (Chen, 2002). China is the origin of tea processing and drinking methods that have been adopted across the globe. Tea ceremony is a joint practice in China because it promotes friendship and nourishes the locals. To appeal to the locals, Billy’s Barbeque should incorporate tea ceremonies in its

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