Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

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  • Dolly's Influence In The Best Little Whorehouse

    without offending women with more conservative values. The sexual nuances of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas hinted at homosexuality and her pro-gay rights comments in interviews made her an icon for the queer community. Dolly's feminism and ties to homosexuality challenge her already established reputation as a conservative southern woman. However, she transcends these "mountains of contradictions" through carefully selected media coverage. For example, when interviewed by the Knoxville News Sentinel she kept the conversation centered around her Christian values and her…

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  • The Revenant Film Analysis

    also help make The Revenant captivating and believable. The actors, such as Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio, wore costumes that were layered with fur. Fur is what people wore to survive the brutal winters. Also, even in the movie, the Native Americans had costumes that were appropriate to where the scene took place. The Indians closer the train post wore wool and woven fabrics. The Indians in the remote forest wore more leather and furs. There were also scenes in which the props looked so…

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  • Heschel's Analysis Of Prophets

    of definition. However, many people’s thoughts on what a prophet is are often incomplete or even incorrect. While there are many places one could look to find an adequate definition of a prophet, Abraham Heschel provides an analysis of prophets unlike any other. Heschel’s analysis goes into great detail about what a prophet is, and what a prophet is not. After reading his in-depth description, it is clear to see that there are quite a few people in the modern world who could be described as…

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  • Dreamgirls Analysis

    I 'm Still Pissed Off About the Oscars A funny thing happened on the way to the Academy Awards, A.K.A. the Oscars, in 2007. After early screenings with journalists and one at the Cannes festival, DreamGirls was widely deemed an Oscar frontrunner. It went on to be ranked 4th on the American Film Institute 's Best of 2006 list and won 3 out of 5 Golden Globes, including Best Picture-Comedy or Musical, Best Supporting Actor (Murphy) and Best Supporting Actress (Hudson). It also received nods and…

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  • Marley And Me Analysis

    The family leaves Bingo behind but the dog tracks his loving master. In a freak incident, Bingo saves Chuckie but gets blown away by a bomb. Directed by Matthew Robbins, the movie is a definite emotional roller coaster. Marley and Me One of the most popular movies, Marley and Me revolves around the story of a delightful Golden Retriever that sticks to its owners through thick and thin, and becomes an indispensable part of the family over the years. The film gives the message that pets are a…

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  • Annie Hall Film Analysis

    Annie Hall, directed by, written by and starring Woody Allen follows the life of Alvy Singer, a neurotic New-Yorker. Throughout the movie, he narrates his experiences as he ponders on the meaning of life and his failed relationship with Annie. The intellectual but comedic urban romance marked a turning point in Allen’s career earning him an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1977. Yet, this paper focuses on his counterpart played by Diane Keaton and how her performance shaped both the story’s…

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  • Legally Blonde: Movie Analysis

    others think. She always stays true to herself. Elle shows that a woman can stay the way they are without conforming into what society says we should. Reese Witherspoon did an amazing job at playing the character of Elle Woods; There has been many of movies where there is a well written out character but the actor/actress just doesn’t do it justice. That’s not the case here. Witherspoon was nominated for a golden globe award for best actress – Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, MTV Movie…

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