Amish school shooting

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  • The Amish Project Character Analysis

    The central conflict of The Amish Project was not a central conflict as seen in the traditional sense. It is not one force in opposition with another, but rather the audience simply trying to figure out what happens and why. For the first little while, as the actress begins her monologue, the audience perplexes as to whom the little Amish girl standing in front of them describing her family is. The audience is eventually introduced to this girl as Velda along with six other characters: Anna, Carol Stuckey, Eddie Stuckey, America, Sherry Local, and Bill North. All seven of these characters are portrayed by the same actress, which initially adds to the confusion, but eventually as the audience familiarizes themselves with the dialect for each character, differentiating between them becomes as easy as if each character was portrayed by their own actor. As the show moves forward, the ambiguity of the situation dissipates through the information added by each character. Whether it’s the relaying of a newscast, a first-hand account, or…

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  • Hobby Hobby Lobby Pros And Cons

    has a law (statute 118.15) set in place to require children from the age of 6 to 16 attend school. The parents of two girls want to remove their children from school due to their religious beliefs being part of the Old Order Amish community. The State has this set in place because Thomas Jefferson believed that education to some level is necessary for society to function well with the political system and other national beliefs. The belief that education helps ready citizens for the real world…

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  • See How They Run Play Analysis

    But as time went by Amish people decided to accept telephones into their society. Proscenium Stage I decided to use a Proscenium Stage because the play needed spacious set given that there is a lot of running through the play. A Proscenium Stage would allow us to set all the furniture and sets in a spacious manner. We also use a wall to separate the kitchen from the living room and we are only able to make that without blocking anyone’s view with a Proscenium Stage. Ground Plan The ground…

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  • Health Literacy In The Amish Community

    and Key Terms Approximately 300,000 individuals in America are members of an Amish community, making the Amish one of fastest growing populations in the nation (Diebel, 2014). Known within the health care sector for their strict adherence to a traditional lifestyle and “reluctance to seek preventative health care and delaying necessary medical treatment” (Brewer and Bonalumi, 1995, p. 494), the Amish are distinct from most other communities in America. Despite aversion to preventative health…

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  • Amish Arguments Against Anabaptism

    the latest kitchen gadgets, start the car, check the gas, and prepare for the busy day ahead. School children awaiting their scheduled bus arrivals while glancing at cell phones or listening to loud music through ear phones while cars rush by, each with their own specific destinations and goals set for the day. Cell phones ring with newsfeed updates, alarms, and calls from relatives that haven’t been seen or heard from in months. Occasionally, when I need to clear my head from the days that seem…

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  • The Devil's Playground Analysis

    Rumspringa occurs in the Amish world when children turn sixteen years old and are encourage to explore the English World (Shachtman, 2006). The film The Devil’s Playground documents the decisions that Amish teenagers from LaGrange County, Indiana make when their restrictions become limitless and they can explore the modern world. During this time period they experience drinking, partying, pre-marital sex, and illegal drugs. The purpose of rumspringa is for the youth to decide if they want to be…

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  • Post-Ethnicity And Personal Identity

    discourages others” (Hollinger, 121). Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church has been the most comprehensive voluntary organization in the United States. However, religion affiliations and ethno-racial affiliations have background and they are usually chosen upon what an individual’s parents’ followed. Referring to the racial identities, the ethno-racial pentagon provides opportunity for any individual or group to claim their cultural purpose and diversity in society. The discrimination would be…

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  • The Amish Case Study

    vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, are still a very serious threat. These vaccine-preventable diseases continue to infect numerous children, resulting in hospitalizations and deaths every year (IAC, 2016). The Amish are a growing population who live a traditional, rural way of life, that is seemingly detached from modern health care. The Amish are known as a group of Anabaptists who emigrated from Europe to the United States in the 1700s, to…

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  • The Amish Religion

    to the Church. There is no marriage outside the Amish faith. Divorce is unacceptable and separation is uncommon. Funerals are simple and held in the home of the deceased. Bodies are allowed to be embalmed but makeup is not permitted. Within three days of death, bodies are placed in plain wooden casket boxes that are built by the community (McKenzie). Caskets are placed in the gravesite which is hand dug. Unmarked tombstones are on the grave with a map to identify where the deceased are located.…

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  • The Cosmopolitan Canopy Analysis

    For instance, when I visited Reading Terminal on Wednesday November 23, I witnessed people individuals disrespecting the public space. A group of High School students, about 15 or so, staked claim over a large section of tables. They were no longer eating anything, and saw individuals with food desperately attempting to find a seat within the very limited space designed for eating. When they did leave, they left their trash and spilled drinks all over their tables, making it inhospitable for…

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