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  • Sarcoidosis Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Sarcoidosis is a multisystem chronic inflammatory disorder.1 The disease primarily affects the pulmonary system. It causes an increase in inflammatory markers which may develop into pulmonary granulomas. The disease may also affect the skin, eyes, kidneys and practically any system of the body.2 Patients require a thorough history and physical and systemic work-up with treatment focused on the most severely affected system.1 Sarcoidosis can affect any age group, ethnicity or race. Incidence with age has a bimodal distribution with the first peak in the third and fourth decades, and the second peak around 65-69 years. Females have a slight greater risk than males.1 Highest incidence in North American blacks and northern European…

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  • Restrictive Cardiomyopathy Essay

    There is no specific treatment for primary restrictive cardiomyopathy; the main goal is to treat the heart failure symptoms caused by restrictive cardiomyopathy. With secondary types of restrictive cardiomyopathy like amyloidosis and sarcoidosis however, the underlying diseases can be treated. The backbone treatments for restrictive cardiomyopathy include diuretics, vasodilators, ACE inhibitors and anticoagulation therapies. Beta blockers help to improve ventricular relaxation and diastolic…

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  • Myocarditis Research Paper

    six months or longer as for acute pericarditis it lasts in less than a few weeks. Known symptoms for both types of pericarditis can vary but the common symptoms are sharp and piercing chest pain from the center or let side of the chest, shortness of breath when lying down, sensation of weakness and fatigue, fever in low grade, and swelling of legs or abdomen. Cause of Carditis Infection is mostly the cause of Carditis however, it differentiate on which part of the heart is affected.…

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  • Right Ventricular Function Case Study

    et al., 2010). On chest CT, enlargement of the main pulmonary artery to a diameter of 29 mm or greater was associated with a high sensitivity (84%), specificity (75%), and positive predictive value (95%) in a heterogeneous group of patients with chronic lung disease (Tan et al., 1998). However, CT findings may be less reliable in patients with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) (Zisman et al., 2007).  Pulmonary function testing (PFT) It is necessary for initial…

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  • Parotitis Research Paper

    These factors include recent surgery, malnutrition, dehydration, Sjogren’s syndrome, sarcoidosis, radiation therapy of the head and/or neck, alcoholism, diabetes, and HIV infection. The typical presentation of parotitis involves a rapid onset of localized pain, swelling, and hardening of the infected gland. Associated generalized symptoms may include low-grade fever, headache, arthralgias, malaise, and chills (Buttaro et al., 2011). Clinical presentation and physical examination determines the…

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  • Verbal Communication In German Culture Essay

    late somewhere; I consider it to be rude, and I also dislike when I have to wait on other individuals who are late (Purnell, 2014, p. 176). Biocultural Ecology People of German descent can have a range of physical characteristics such as tall, blond, and blue eyed to short, dark-haired, and brown-eyed. Many Germans also have a fair skin complexion. Personally, I am average height for a woman, I have dark hair and blue eyes, and I also have a fair complexion but I seem to be able to tan easily;…

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  • Proibacterium Acne Research Paper

    fast and increasing growth of P. acnes in follicles can trigger inflammation which can lead to the symptoms associated with some common skin disorders, such as folliculitis and acne vulgaris. P. acnes has also been found in corneal ulcers, and is a common cause of chronic endophthalmitis following cataract surgery. Furthermore, Propionibacterium species have been found in ventriculostomy insertion sites, and areas subcutaneous to suture sites in patients who have undergone craniotomy. It is…

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  • Nursing Case Study On Bell's Palsy

    process of a patient. Some medications will be prescribed by the doctor depending on the condition of a patient (Vakharia & Vakharia, 2016). However, doing a lot of exercises is also vital in ensuring that fast recovery is achieved. Upon the notice of some Bell’s Palsy symptoms, a patient ought to seek medical attention so as to be treated easily (Lee, Byun, Park, & Yeo, 2013). Clinical Relevance (Criteria 8) Bell's palsy needs to be studied further to ascertain what causes the nerves to swell.…

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  • Brian Hogan Family Case Study

    ” He notes, almost as a point of praise, that his mother would often fight back. He did not, however, understand how or why they would divorce. “It really hit me. I didn’t think they would ever split.” Within a year, Brian was arrested, housed at St. Charles, and placed on supervision. Brian’s mother has struggled with many health issues in recent years. She was diagnosed with lymphoma nearly three years ago and remained hospitalized for a month. This resulted in his mother being nearly…

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  • Ikb Research Paper

    IkBa is be present in cells and carry out its role because incorrect regulation of the NF-kB protein complex has been linked to cancer, viral infections, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, septic shock, and irregular development of the immune system. There are several other names that IkBa can be referred to by, they are, nuclear factor-kappa-B-inhibitor alpha (NFKBIA), major histocompatibility complex enhancer binding protein (MAB3), and nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene…

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