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  • Bad Puppies Short Story

    A Mess of Bad Puppies From The Teacher’s Funeral, by Richard Peck It was close and airless in the church before the female mourners got their cardboard fans going. Wasps droned in the window wells as people shuffled in, filling the pews. Beneath a spray of entirely white glads, the lid on the pine coffin stood open before us. It was without question Miss Myrt Arbuckle laid out within. She had the longest nose in North America. It stood up against the yawning lid, shiny and sharp with a flaring nostril. She had a snout on her long enough to drink water down a crawdad hole. […] Doc Wilkinson was one of the pallbearers. As the saying goes, doctors bury their mistakes, and he may have been here to see it done. Doc rolled pills and busted boils…

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  • The Long Christmas Ride Home Play Analysis

    The Long Christmas Ride Home by Paula Vogel tells the story of the events leading up to a very eventful night, the events after, and the aftereffects it has on the family. Sarah Johnson’s adaptation of the play uses light and the japanese puppet theatre tradition of bunraku to enforce the play’s themes. The play’s thematic features are also shown through the directing and performer’s acting. In Sarah Johnson’s adaptation of The Long Christmas Ride Home by Paula Vogel, Johnson and her team use…

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  • The Importance Of Momentum Trading

    For long positions, we enter a buy a tick above the high of the pin bar. 2. If the next bar to the pin bar doesn’t trigger the trade, we abandon the setup, because, may times, a break in momentum can lead to a consolidation or a reversal. Hence, we want to enter only when the momentum reasserts itself. 3. The initial stop loss for the trade is just below the low of the pin bar. 4. As the markets continue in our desired direction, we keep trailing the stop loss higher, just below the low of the…

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  • Long-Term Effects Of Violent Video Games

    child that plays or is addicted to violent video games could, mentally and physically effect your child depending on the type of game they are playing. Some video games have an age requirement to tell if he or she is old enough. Which means if a child doesn’t meet the age requirement or isn’t mature enough to play the game they should definitely not have contact with the game or watch some one else play the game. From the prospective of a seventeen year old male, most teenagers don’t even think…

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  • Why Parents Hate Video Games

    parents don’t like that there kid plays video games. Have you ever wondered why they don’t like them? I have always wondered why my parents never liked me playing them. What is it about video game that make parents hate it so much? Research Question: Why are video games bad for young children? Knowledge on the topic: I know a lot about video games. There are a lot of games out there that I love to play such as Madden, NBA 2k etc. There are a lot of games that I couldn’t play when I was a younger…

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  • Role Of Play In Child Development

    “increases in empathy, compassion, and sharing. Toys create options and choices. They model relationships based on inclusion rather than exclusion. They can improve nonverbal skills and they have been found to increase attention and attachment (Play in Children’s Development, Health, and Well-Being).” The social aspect of toys is very important. It is critical that children learn how to work with other people. Being able to get along and work well with others is very important, especially when…

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  • Theme Of Waiting In Waiting For Godot

    time. Time presents a list of problems in Beckett’s play causing panic, confusion and memory loss. This essay aims to discuss the various aspects of the play relating to the themes of time and waiting. This essay will also discuss the torture for consciousness of being in time and how time passes in the play, as well as examining de-narrativised time and the play’s circular time structure. Furthermore this essay will discuss the meaninglessness of time for the protagonists,…

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  • Track Of Brain Activity During Video Games

    TRACKING OF BRAIN WAVE PATTERNS ACTIVITY DURING VIDEO GAMING Vijayalakshmi C.K, Padma S AP, Dept of EEE, Prof, Dept of EEE Angel College of Engineering and Technology Sona College of Technology Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. Salem, Tamil Nadu. Abstract - Kids who play immoderate video game leads to health problems. Children frequently using of gaming gadgets increases bad behavior and negative…

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  • Symbolism In August Wilson's Fences

    August Wilson has written many plays during his life, but they play Fences might have been his best work yet. His creative mind led to the great detail and symbolism in this play, the fence being the biggest symbol of them all. The meaning behind the fence can have certain meanings on it depending on the how the reader interprets it. There is also subtle symbolism in Gabriel, Troy’s brother throughout the play and towards the end. Having symbolism in his play is what makes August Wilson’s works…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Soccer Has Shaped My Life

    Soccer has shaped me, built my personality, and has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. Soccer has effected me all throughout my life and there is no better way for me to tell you about myself other than explaining the role soccer has played in my life. I have been around soccer for as long as I can remember. Soccer to me is more than just a game or sport. Soccer has shaped me and is a major part of the person I am today. I have played since I was four years old and I have never…

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