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  • Sarcoidosis Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Sarcoidosis is a multisystem chronic inflammatory disorder.1 The disease primarily affects the pulmonary system. It causes an increase in inflammatory markers which may develop into pulmonary granulomas. The disease may also affect the skin, eyes, kidneys and practically any system of the body.2 Patients require a thorough history and physical and systemic work-up with treatment focused on the most severely affected system.1 Sarcoidosis can affect any age group, ethnicity or race. Incidence with age has a bimodal distribution with the first peak in the third and fourth decades, and the second peak around 65-69 years. Females have a slight greater risk than males.1 Highest incidence in North American blacks and northern European…

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  • Causes Of Schistosomiasis

    Intestinal Schistosomiasis occurs with S. Mansori and S. Japonicum infections. Intestinal Schistosomiasis typically presents with chronic or intermittent abdominal pain and associated discomfort. Due to this pain there is a loss of appetite and unusual diarrhea. Diarrhea can be present with or without blood. Hepatic Schistosomiasis also occurs with S. Mansori and S. Japonicum. With this type of infection, we see an enlargement of the liver due to granuloma formation, collagen deposits,…

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  • Risks And Consequences Of Tattoos

    The risks of getting a tattoo are very high. If there is a possibility of anyone considering getting a new tattoo in the future keep in mind all things that could go wrong. There are some cases in which some don 't know they have gotten a bad tattoo, or even contracted a new infection from receiving a tattoo from an unsanitary shop, or even the possible mistake of cross contamination. Because of the lack of regulations on tattoo ink, tattooing can cause cancer, blood born diseases, and…

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  • Essay On Inflammation

    The rats were anesthetized with light ether anaesthesia. Under aseptic conditions two sterilized cotton pellet (10mg) were implanted subcutaneously on either side of lumbar region in each rat. The incisions were sutured by silk 2.0 sutures and the wounds were sealed with betadine solution to prevent contamination. Bleeding was minimal and the animals recovered within 5 - 10 min from the effect of anaesthesia. All the groups were treated with drugs daily for 7 days including the day…

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  • Erdheim-Chester Disease Research Paper

    from lymphocytes) • Malignancies • Meningiomas (tumors arising from the meninges) • Metabolic disorders such as Gaucher disease (lipid accumulation in cells and deficiency of the enzyme ‘glucocerebrosidase’) and Fabry’s Disease (dysfunctional metabolism of sphingolipids) • Metastatic carcinoma • Multiple Sclerosis (inflammatory disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged) • Myelofibrosis (proliferation of an abnormal clone of a hematopoietic…

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  • Lung Cancer Case Study Essay

    Thank you very much for referring Lyn along for the incidentally detected lung nodules. As you have mentioned, she was having a CT scan of her abdomen and pelvis for further assessment of right iliac fossa pain and this did detect some nodules in the lung bases. I understand there was no obvious cause for her right iliac fossa pain and she is managing this well. Thank you for going on to organise a formal CT scan of the chest. This did show multiple scattered nodules in both lungs, some of…

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  • Achilles Tendon Essay

    The Achilles tendon needs time to heal properly. In the inflammatory phase, the bleeding caused by the rupture leads to hematoma and activation of platelets and neutrophils. This will lead to the release of growth factors, chemotactic factors and vasoactive factors. The vascular permeability is increased, inflammatory cells are recruited and a tendon granuloma is produced (Barfod). In the proliferative phase, angiogenesis allows for vascular and neuronal in- close space growth in the granuloma.…

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  • Crohn's Disease Analysis

    it can be located at any point within the gastrointestinal tract, though most frequently within the last part of the small intestine - the ileum -, and/or the colon (Abraham & Cho, 2009). The first documentation of Chron’s Disease was by an Italian physician, Giovanni Battista Morgagni, who noted that a patient was suffering from a chronic, debilitating ailment involving abdominal pain, fever, and bloody diarrhea in 1769. Upon the patient’s death, an autopsy revealed transmural inflammation…

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  • Bleeding Gums Research Paper

    Are You Pregnant With Bleeding Gums? As if pregnant women didn’t have to worry enough about with their changing bodies, they must not neglect their oral health during those 9 months. Pregnant women may discover that they have bleeding gums during their pregnancy. Is it something they should worry about? It’s important to know what can cause it and how to treat it. Why Do Gums Easily Bleed During Pregnancy? Bleeding gums can typically be blamed on hormones. Progesterone and estrogen secrete…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Berylliosis

    to the air. This condition is more associate with pneumonitis (pneumonitis is a cause of pneumonia in people whose immune defenses have been lowered by drugs or a disease) because it makes that your lungs inflame more. One of the symptoms is when you start coughing or when you are increasing the breathlessness. Some people, you can see that their eyes and the skin are affected. The eyes turn a little red and they start to close and the skin change into a whither color. The chronic Berylliosis…

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