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  • Lowell Mills 'Health In Lyddie' By Katherine Paterson

    “Lyddie” is a novel written by Katherine Paterson in 1991. The novel is a fictional story with situations that are based on the real life events that happened in American factory jobs in the 1800s. In the story, ten year old Lyddie and her younger brother Charlie are children who lived on a farm with their mother and father, however, Lyddie and Charlie are sent out to be hired as servants to pay for the family farm’s debts. Lyddie, being the strong willed and determined girl she is, desires to work in the Lowell Mills factory to earn plenty of profit, so she can pay for the debts more quickly and bring her family together again. Although, Lowell Mills isn’t the best occupation to work for, considering it has cons — health problems shown in employees and the ergonomics being lackluster. Hours is as well an issue. Lyddie, towards the ending of the novel, has to make a thoughtful consideration on whether or not she should sign a workers’ rights petition, due to what happened to one of her friends. What she should do is sign the petition, because of aforementioned problems in the Lowell Mills. The majority of workers have poor health and the factory is shown to be filled with atrocious air to inhale. In chapter 10, Lyddie is starting her first full day as a factory girl, but a horrendous struggle happens. “If that weren’t trial enough, a few hours of standing in her proud new boots and her feet had swollen so that the laces cut into her flesh. She bent down quickly to loosen them…

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  • Dennis Rader Research Paper

    Dennis Lynn Rader was a serial killer born on March 9th, 1945 in Pittsburg, Arkansas (see figure one.) He was the oldest of three other brothers born to William and Dorothea Rader. At a young age Rader’s parents moved the family to Wichita, Arkansas. Growing up Dennis Rader was a normal child. He was surprisingly involved with organizations such as the boys scout club and church activities. According to interviews Rader admitted he had thoughts of strangulation as a young child, it is known…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Zoos

    everyday to keep them healthy. For example, At the Los Angeles Zoo, the keepers take their Asian elephant on a 1.5-to 2-mile walk around the park every day. A zoo in Oregon says that they have eliminated elephant deaths or euthanizations (putting an animal down) caused by foot infections from not getting the proper amount of exercise (Bioscience 710). Some zoos, nevertheless, are expanding their elephant programs instead of demolishing them. Since elephants are a main attraction, these…

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  • How Does Consumer Culture Affect People's Identity

    with being addicted to a substance of some kind like alcohol or drugs. However, now being the term addiction does not limit to only those substances. One can be addicted to goods such as phones. Not only that, one can be addicted to a physical activity such as shopping or exercising. The addiction can be seen as normal when it is part of one’s ‘lifestyle’. This causes consumers to make decisions based on their addictions. It can even cause people to behave differently. There are numerous cases…

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  • The Velvet Underground Analysis

    was not always like this. When Reed wrote Venus in Furs, leather was often associated with the homosexual community. From Reed’s perspective, and from the perspective of a listener in the late sixties or early seventies, Venus in Furs can be read in a slightly different way. Even if Reed refers to a ‘girlchild’ in the song, he also refers to practices mostly associated with male homosexuals. Fetishes were not the only things to come up during the sexual revolution, however. With the advent of…

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