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  • Mennonite Service Theology

    Mennonites and service have been linked together since the early Anabaptist movement more than a few centuries ago. Although there has been this rich history of service in the Mennonite denomination, there has been little work done on the theology of Mennonite service. However, since the conception of Harold S. Bender’s The Anabaptist Vision, in the 1940s, Mennonites have increasing speculated and then developed ideas behind Mennonite service theology. Bender’s influence on theology dominates many of the ideas of older texts and even plays a large role in some of the more recent texts from the 1990s and 2000s. The texts examined in this work focus primarily on the role of the Anabaptist vision and the development of service theology over time.…

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  • Mennonite Culture Essay

    Mennonites first arrived in Canada in 1776. They had originated from German speaking countries making the German language on of their defining traits during that time. A census done in 2001 stated that 191,000 Mennonites live in Canada, and as of 2010 the largest concentrations of which lived in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Kitchener-Waterloo area. Over half of the Mennonite populations live in cities, mainly Winnipeg (Millette, 2015). Much is not commonly known about the Mennonite culture to those…

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  • A Complicated Kindness: The Journey To Adulthood

    current issues and develop strong literature skills. The fictional novel, A Complicated Kindness, written by Miriam Toews is about a sixteen year old girl who lives in a Mennonite community and is eventually kicked out of the society by the end of the book due to her rebellious attitude. A Complicated Kindness, by Miriam Toews is a novel that should be integrated in the grade eleven English curriculum due to the strong connections with the adolescent struggle to find one’s self. Toews’…

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  • Value Of Service

    her brownie troop, and the Mennonites. Throughout the story, Laurel notices even the tiniest of Daphne’s actions that set her apart from the rest of the troop. During the bus ride home while all of the girls are making fun of troop 909, Daphne looks down at her feet (Packer 25). This action is a sign that she does not wish to be…

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  • Jakob Ammann And The Amish Movement

    Jakob Ammann is known as the founder of the Amish movement. Jakob was born in Switzerland on February 12, 1644. He was an Anabaptist/Mennonite/Amish leader and he founded the Amish religious movement. In his early childhood, he barely could read and write; historical documents suggested that he possibly could have received some form of limited formal education (Huppi). At first, Jakob strongly embraced the Anabaptist and he had a good standing and relationship with the state church, Swiss…

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  • Analysis Of Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History: Generous Orthodoxy

    Revisionist History: Generous Orthodoxy In order to revise, one must sacrifice something for the community as a whole and willing to compromise for change. In Malcolm Gladwell's series Revisionist History in the episode “Generous Orthodoxy”, Gladwell revises the true motives of the Mennonite church community and Princeton University’s community. Gladwell effectively presents how communities vaguely represent the diversity. Gladwell interviewed church minister Chester Wanger who lost his ministry…

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  • Amish Religion

    The Mennonite perspective was founded by Menno Simon. Simon was a catholic priest who agreed with the Anabaptists that baptism should be left to the individual instead of baptism of infants. Ammenn and his followers left the Mennonite church to establish the Amish church over 300 years ago. Moreover, facing continuous religious persecution throughout Europe where they had mainly been settled along the Rhine river; the Amish fled to America. The first twenty-one Amish families left for America…

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  • Building Bridges Program Reflection

    In this paper I will reflect on my experience volunteering with the Building Bridges program and describe the cultural group this program serves. Furthermore, I will discuss my analysis of the impact of oppression and privilege on the students enrolled in the program using concepts I have learned in the course. Finally, I will reflect on what I have learned about myself in the process of interacting with a cultural group that is outside of my comfort zone. Throughout the semester I volunteered…

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  • Living In The Amish Community

    They believe they are ‘chosen people’ and believe that is is their duty to remain obscured by the world around them. Remaining separate from the world allows them to not become like the outsiders and to focus on their true duties as Christians. The reason the Amish are Anabaptist is because they believe that a person within the community should not become baptized until they are at peak of adulthood. Mennonite and Amish are similar in that they both believe that one should not be baptized until…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Argumentative Essay On Lois Gunden

    During the Holocaust twenty-six year old Lois Gunden, who was an American French teacher from Goshen, Indiana, went to work with the Mennonite Central Committee in southern France. During her time there she has saved over nine women and children. She saved a little girl named Ginette Kalish who was only twelve years at the time by taking her in from her mother and father on a train, Kalish told Yad Vashem in their article (Women of Valor) about Gunden “At the time I was 12 and certainly scared,…

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