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  • Normalizing The Function Of Autistic Children Case Study

    Normalizing the Function of Autistic Children Wei Chi Chang Arizona State University Normalizing the Function of Autistic Children Despite the fact that Lovaas (1987) claimed that the result indicated early intensive behavioral therapy would be efficient and beneficial, Schopler, Short, and Mesibov (1989) criticized the study by pointing out three major flaws— subject selection bias, adequacy of the control group, and inappropriate outcome measures. The subject selection bias was targeting two main criteria issues that could influence the external validity of the study. First of all, the subjects were not “average (or below average)” as Lovaas (1987) described. There were several selection bias that could lead to obtaining higher functioning autistic children. For instance, by using the prorated mental age (PMA) to determine their intellectual functioning made the data appeared to be lower than the ratio IQ (i.e. used by a lot of other studies) (Schopler et al., 1989). There was no explanation for why the research chose to use PMA. However, after translating the PMA back to ratio IQ, the subjects in Lovaas (1987) actually needed a ratio IQ of 37 or higher to be included. Comparing to other epidemiological study, Lovaas (1987) had a relatively higher mean of IQ ratio of 63. In addition, 90% of the subjects’ IQ tests used prior to the treatment tend to reflect lower scores for autistic children. On the other hand, the study only used autistic children who were…

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  • Tariffs Of Morocco

    examining Morocco 's various trade agreements and membership through the World Trade Organization (WTO), the tariffs of the country, subsidies, complaints, Foreign Domestic Investment (FDI), World Bank rank, and transparency. The information provided in the following sections and graphs uses data from the World Bank site and other sites of the country typically range from the period 1990-2015. WTO and Trading Agreements or Practices Morocco, being a member of the WTO that oversees trade among…

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  • Globalisation Is Good Movie Analysis

    Globalization is Good Film Review – Krystle Carr The documentary “Globalisation is Good” by Johan Norberg, demonstrations the flaws in the anti-globalization theology. It illustrates the positive impacts and negative consequences of the lack of globalizations in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Kenya. The documentary is based on the findings in Norberg’s book “In Defense of Global Capitalism,” and his belief that globalized capitalism can end poverty as it has in Europe and the United States. In order…

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  • The Challenges Of International Students

    Most international students tend to study in the UK. Moreover, “In 2010, 15% of the student population in the UK were international students” (Lillyman and Bennett, 2014). Because they want to learn a new language and gain valuable experiences. It is natural foreign student will face several problems in adapting to the new environment. For instance; find familiar food, the feeling of homesickness and the adaptation to a new educational system. This essay aims to consider these issues which face…

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  • Pro And Cons: The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

    Globalization: The pros and cons Being a part of generation that is growing with the trend of the globalization, I felt obligated to recognize the pros and cons of the globalization. We live in the world that we could travel around the globe anytime we wish and shop for any products that we want by a click. We, in the 21st century, are spoiled by all the technological innovations, global trades and international opportunities. Although globalization brought us uncountable benefits and welfare,…

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  • Brexit's Impact On The Economy

    Brexit’s Impact on the Economy Overview Just a few months ago, news broke that Britain had decided to leave the European Union. Britain’s decision is now known as “Brexit”. There were many theories as to what was going to happen to the economy from Britain leaving the European Union. Now that a few months have passed, we can take a look at the overall outcome of the situation. We can also make guesses as to what will happen in the future. Britain leaving the European Union has had many effects…

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  • Koyo Jeans Case Study

    INTERNATIONALIZATION OF KOYO JEANS FROM HONG KONG Introduction William Cheung, the founder of Koyo Jeans, had a very modest beginning. He began his journey by working for a wholesaler who was already renowned in the fashion industry. He used this opportunity to sharpen his craft until he was able to establish his entity. Initially, he encountered numerous challenges since he was not an expert on matters such as outsourcing raw material, supply, sales, and delivery. Despite all this, he was able…

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  • Textile Trade In Bangladesh Case Study

    infrastructure, corruption, and capital inputs that could jeopardize their position in the international market. Background of Bangladesh’s Textile Trade In the late 1970’s, Bangladesh entered into the ready made garment (RMG) industry backed mostly by Chinese and Korean investors who wished to take advantage of its access to restricted markets and cheap labour. The Multi-Fibre Agreement (MFA) , a short-term measure which imposed quotas on the exports of textiles…

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  • Multilateral Trade Liberalization Analysis

    The neo-liberal economic theory which is the framework of the WTO argues that countries may achieve development through liberalisation (Robert Hunter Wade, 2014), that is based on international specialisation and comparative advantage hence leading to an increase in export earnings, economic growth and development in the long- run, however, the different policies of the WTO’s developed members violates the very principle of these agreements (Donatella Alessandrini, 2010) liberalisation of…

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  • Theories In International Relations

    International relations present a subfield of political science that examines the international politics of the world. International relations study the behaviors and interactions among various actors in forming international political processes. Theories are developed to better understand the events that occur in international relations every day in order to answer the questions in this area. Theories depict a domain within an organization and specifically tie together a field of inquiry in…

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