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  • Summary Of The Novel 'A Morbid Taste For Bones'

    Brother Cadfael, a monk at Shrewsbury Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in medieval England. He studies and grows herbs. A prior at the monastery decides that the Shrewsbury Abbey must have the relics of a saint for their chapel. They travel to Wales to recover the bones of Saint Winifred. Some of the monks travel to Wales and with the consent of Prince Owain of Gwynedd and the Bishop of Bangor, they go to the town of Gwytherin to recover the bones. However, when they arrive, the local lord (Rhisiart). Soon after, they find that Rhisiart had been murdered, and it’s up to Brother Cadfael to find out who did it. This novel focuses on the religious and some…

    Words: 1642 - Pages: 7
  • Brief Comparison Of Two Crimes: Cadfael Vs Father Brown

    Who are these two mysterious Detectives. First is the intelligent and quiet father Brown. The Second is worldly Brother Cadfael. Father Brown is a very intuitive detective who use confessions to solve his mysteries. While Brother Cadfael uses his worldly experiences to solve mysteries. Father Brown is a short, stumpy Roman Catholic priest. Who wears plain clothes and large bland umbrella. He is not like the better-known detectives like Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown is more intuitive rather than…

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