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  • American Kestrel Research Paper

    Briggsdale Undivided High School The Rustinian Red Bird The American Kestrel Netheniel Langdon Ecology 1022-1 Mr.Kopanke Friday, March 3rd 2017 The American Kestrel The american kestrel is a good looking bird with a few different color variation. This animal is biotic. It comes from the family of falcons. This is the smallest one of the species of falcons. They live in open country farmlands and wood edges. During the breeding season the kestrel may be limited to the habitats that provide appropriate nesting sites. During the winter females are more than likely found in open habitats. You most commonly find these birds in open areas perching on roadside wire with their wings ready to go pounce on a grasshopper.They…

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  • Hypocrisy In Angela M. Balcita's The Americano Dream

    Balcita goes over similar issues, though on a less broad scale. Using her father’s experiences of immigrating from the Philippines to the United States, Balcita creates an engaging and relatable picture of the subtle moments of integration, while also illustrating how the great American hypocrisy affects this transition. A great example of this comes from two paragraphs discussing her father’s first job at a blood bank. The job is temporary, as he’s trying to get official certification to be a…

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  • Gronimo's Geronimo: A True American

    Geronimo: A True American The brave Bedonkohe Apache leader Geronimo was able to accomplish many astonishing feats before he died at the age of seventy-nine in 1909. Some of these achievements include continuing his journey of bettering the lives of his people despite his own family being murdered when he was only twenty-nine (27). Geronimo fully embodies the hard-working and no excuses attitude that many Americans strive for. Geronimo in many ways possesses the same moral code and ideas that…

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  • My Vietnamese Identity

    With every passing moment, I became more distant with my Vietnamese heritage and become closer with my desire for an American one. I wanted nothing to do with being Vietnamese or Asian because all that it had brought me was a sense of inferiority and constant bullying. My desire to suppress my Vietnamese identity brings up a point that is brought up by Ms. Mori, the protagonist’s friend with benefits. During one of their conversations, she asks, “So why are we supposed to not forget our…

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  • The Tale Of Liberty And The American Revolution

    Lumières Revolutions “Give me Liberty, or Give me death!” cried out the British American colonists on the eve of their independence movement. Yet, the tale of liberty does not begin with the cannons sounding the American Revolution, instead, the story begins with a quill and ink pad in France. In particular, the idea of the social contract, where the power of kings rested solely on the social acceptance of the populace, inspired Americans to clamor for reform against the imposing British crown.…

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  • Our Time Is Up Analysis

    After viewing the short film “Our time is up” by Rob Pearlstein, I was able to place the five components of the plot structure diagram as presented in theatre class. The five plot structure is, exposition, inciting event, raising event, climax, and falling action. The exposition is the beginning of the plot, it sets the foundational background of the main character or the story. At the opening of the story, you see a time clock set, an immaculate environment where everything is not just clean…

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  • I Am A Broken Compass

    “My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place” (KJV Jerimiah 50:6). A compass is believed to ensure guidance to a lost individual, no matter if you are a sailor lost in the Pacific Ocean or an explorer walking through the Amazon Forest; a broken compass does not provide guidance if you are lost. For this I believe I am a broken compass…

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  • Racial Issues In To Kill A Mockingbird

    In the novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird ', Harper Lee presents the prejudicial problems faced in everyday American society in the mid 1930 's, a time where injustice was prominent, especially in the southern states of the USA, which is where this novel is set. The problems create a domino effect and allows the reader(s) to discover how they all fit together to create one large social problem; prejudice. Underneath the seemingly calm and lackadaisical impression the small town of Maycomb gives…

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  • Race Capital Punishment And The Cost Of Murder By M Choolbi Analysis

    African Americans; also, how African Americans murderers are more likely to receive the death penalty over white murderers. The Author believes capital punishment and the death penalty are just punishments for the actions of perpetrators, however the author believes the unequal distribution of capital punishment is not a just action (Cholbi 1). The argument of whether capital punishment is immoral has shifted to if its distribution among criminals is tolerable and just (Cholbi 1). Cholbi…

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  • The Importance Of Racism In Ellison's Blood Burning Moon

    African-Americans. Even though slavery was over with, racism still played a part in African-American’s lives. Racism was well alive back in the mid-twentieth century and was expressed in different ways. Racism was not just about calling an African-American a “nigger”. Racism played a substantial part in how African-Americans were treated by the white man. Although Ellison’s “Battle Royal” and Toomer’s “Blood-Burning Moon” both inhabit a society divided along unquestionable racist lines in…

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