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  • Dimond Proven: A Narrative Fiction

    "looks like i`ll be staying home for awhile." and so Spike did the only thing he could think to do, he went home grabbed some gems, and went to Dimond cove`s port, when he arrived he found a very particular sight, a earth pony without his shirt on was waist deep in the freeze water screaming nonsense to the waves. Spike though it was weird at first then heard more screaming and saw a whole bunch of pony`s screaming, some of them jumping of there ship`s, then, realizing these idiots where under some sort of magic spell, Spike simply walked into the water up to the screaming colt and gave him a open palm slap to the face, the colt was knocked out cold, Spike picked him up, went to the ship and administered his "treatment" to the entirety of the crew. after about 20 minutes they woke up. and they all seemed to have no idea where the hell they were, the Captain of the ship, the first one Spike had slapped, shook Spikes hand and said "I`ve no idea where we are or how we got here but thank ya kindly my friend, last thing I remember was the most Beautiful song, then next thing i know, where here, and it seems some of our crew didn`t make it to shore at all." in fact the ship it self was half sinking and the mast was broken, "it seems" Spike said "that you almost didn`t make it here at all, what did this song sound like?" "well" the Captain started"it…

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  • Colt Thunder Analytical Essay

    There she is faced with many dangers, mostly from white villains who are hired by her in-laws to kill her. After a failed attempt on her life, she meets a Native American man, Colt Thunder, another main character, whom she hires to serve her needs as a guide and a lover. Colt Thunder, who is a half-breed (white/Indian) raised as a full blooded Indian savage struggles with accompanying Jocelyn as her presence…

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  • Tom Brady Research Paper

    organization, is Tom Brady. Brady, whom is one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks is commonly recognized in a lot of different ways. The many mixed emotions about Brady oppose to his abilities on the field, are a concern to many, and amazing to the others. He is pointed at as the greatest quarterback of all time, a cheater, a cry baby, a celebrity, and a role model for many. In my eyes, he is hands down the greatest quarterback to ever touch a football field. In this paper, I will validate my…

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  • Comparison Of Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manningning

    Even though he was drafted in the 6th round of the year 2000 draft, this man has grown to become one of the greatest of all time. His name has been mentioned among names like Manning and Montana and Young. He has 2 NFL MVPs. He also won 5 super bowls with the New England Patriots. That’s more than any other quarterback in NFL history. It’s the most sought-after stat, but even though he has 5, a lot of people doubt his greatness. There’s been multiple scandals in Brady’s time with the Patriots.…

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  • Peyton Manning Case Study

    The Indianapolis Colts have been put in an extremely tough situation. After winning only a few games in the previous season the Colts now have the 1st overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft coming up at the end of April. As of right now Andrew Luck (senior quarterback at Stanford) looks like he has all of the tools to become the next great NFL quarterback, ironically analysts say that he is similar to Peyton Manning. This is Ironic because currently the leader and starting quarterback of the…

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  • Tom Brady Scandal Analysis

    Tom Brady, a prominent quarterback for the New England Patriots, is one of the National Football League’s (NFL) greatest quarterbacks to have ever played. He excelled in both Football and Baseball, and gave up the opportunity to play professional baseball and attended the University of Michigan instead. Tom Brady led his team to an Orange Bowl victory and set himself up to be selected in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. A year later, after the starting quarterback for the Patriots was…

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  • Patriots Argumentative Analysis

    During the 2014 AFC Championship game, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were involved in an allegation in which the team tampered footballs, making them deflated so it was easier to throw the football for the quarterback. The Indianapolis Colts were suspicious of this act, as their quarterback Andrew Luck tried to throw the ball as normal but failed to do so. This controversy, known as Deflategate, sparked tension between the NFL Association, teams, and players, wanting punishment for the…

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  • Barry Sanders Research Paper

    Barry Sanders was born on July 16, 1968 in Wichita Kansans. His parents’ names are William and Shirley Sanders. When Sanders was a senior at Wichita Northern High School he had his chance to be a Running Back. Later he was recruited by Oklahoma State University. In his first year at Oklahoma State University he rushed for 2,628 yards and 37 touchdowns and won the Heisman Trophy in 1988 at the age of 20 for the O.S.U Cowboys. In 1989 Barry Sanders was drafted 3rd overall in the 1st round by the…

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  • NFL Scandal Research Paper

    One of the most popular sports conspiracy theories to come out of the past Century will probably go down in history as the deflate gate . It entails the fact that the Patriots were accused of deflating footballs in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. Many believe that the Scandal has married a lot of holes and that is not fully born to be convicting Tom Brady quarterback of the New England Patriots of any wrongdoing. Though the Patriots have had a history of some sport…

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  • Peyton Manning Research Paper

    the only things in football that you earned by yourself it does not depend on someone else, so you can see that Peyton can beat records and it does not matter if he is a Colt or a Bronco. Peyton just does not just break records he gets praised for all the things he has done for the sport he loves by trophies.”14-time Pro Bowler & 7-time First-Team All-Pro”(“Pro-Football”). Peyton Manning went to the Pro-Bowl 14 times, that is most by a quarterback (the pro bowl is a game when they pick players…

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