Colt Cabana's Podcast: Case Study

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I have no idea what CM Punk had to go through in WWE, even after hearing Punk himself talk about his horrible experiences on Colt Cabana’s Podcast. However, I can understand what it’s like to hold a grudge with a former employer that treat you horribly. CM Punk can’t seem to let go of his grudge against WWE. On the other hand, in my opinion, CM Punk tends to go off on anybody who looks at him the wrong way.

On CM Punk`s interview with Fox Sports, he referred to WWE wrestler’s as “indentured servants”

Back in I want to say, 2011, my contract was up and they were trying to re-sign me and they were trying to re-sign me for lowball figures. It’s what they do to the guys. They’re indentured servants. They try to pay them the smallest amount of

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