Hate Radio Case Study

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Hate Radio: The Outer Limits of Tasteful Broadcasting Today in our world, unfortunately, we are often faced with ethical dilemmas. Whether they are either expected or unexpected, it’s vital for one to know how to solve these dilemmas, especially when working in media. In order to effectively do this, it is important for one to be familiar with both the tools and theories behind the intellectual minds of society’s infamous ethicists. However, keep in mind that this process is difficult, because you’re dealing with two or more different sides to any argument. Therefore, not everyone can “win” in a situation.
As written in Case 10-F, Trevor Van Lansing, a radio personality by KRFP-AM, an all-talk-format radio station in a large city in the West,
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Thus, when approached with an ethical dilemma or question, she says that you must analyze it by consulting your conscience, seeking alternatives, and holding an imaginary ethical dialogue with all of the parties involved in the situation (Patterson & Wilkins, 2014). Consulting your conscience always leads you to the truth. In Van Lansing’s case, he has a responsibility to tell the truth as the reporter of the news on his program, and he is not, because he is spicing up the stories behind the issues. Thus, he must ask himself how he feels about the act, whether if it is right or wrong, and where exactly his morals lie in the situation.
Next, Bok says that you must aim to seek the alternatives. Instead of reporting the news stories as freely and negatively as he normally does with only some details of the stories mentioned, Van Lansing could tell the story verbatim along with accurate facts, while giving his opinion respectfully from a positive standpoint. He should strive to increase his audience, not drive them away. Thus, this is obviously the only alternative at hand in this
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When making false assumptions and accusations, he is not showing any type of responsibility as a reporter of the news by exploiting people and slandering them. He is also not having the correct attitude or respecting anyone when presenting these stories, because each time he speaks, he comes from a negative standpoint, and it’s never uplifting to anyone involved. Furthermore, equity and socially responsible can’t be applied either, because it is simply not fair for him to be able to slander people like he does and get away with it, and people are not being benefited from his actions, but rather they are being harmed. It would be different if he strived to educate his listeners by discussing the topics while respectfully listening to everyone’s

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