Kelly's Salon Case Study

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To survive in a highly competitive business environment, the company must be scalable and flexible (Groza, 2015). Kelly’s Salon competitiveness can be realized through the cost leadership strategy, employee and customer scheduling process. Again, Kelly’s Salon can remain competitive through the adoption of modern tools. At Kelly’s Salon, employees still use conventional methodologies that are very inefficient. This paper presents a guide on the proposed IT solution- Software known as Service (SaaS) for Kelly to tackle challenges she is facing in her current business environment. II. Proposed IT Solution
The proposed IT solution is Order Motion software (OMX). This is simply Software as a Service (SaaS) supplied by NetSuite, a US based vendor
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Adoption of the SaaS solution will obviously cut costs related to upgrading software, maintenance, licensing, costly hardware and other expenses. This makes the SaaS appropriate for the Kelly’s Saloon. Moreover, the solution permits flexibility as well as scalability. If she implements SaaS, Kelly will be able to handle a range of sales and orders. Changing the functionalities of the system is possible since SaaS does not interrupt clients or extra expenses. It also provides high security of data, which are important factors in this type of business. NetSuite is committed to ensuring the safety of this solution. It also comes with training manuals to help users familiarize themselves with the technology (Groza, 2015).III. Implementation Stepsa. Vendor …show more content…
This system has three unique numbers like 3.2.1. Changes in the first number demonstrate a change in function. Any change in the second number depicts changes in updates like fixes. The last number indicates a limited level of updates to current functions (Cristescu, 2016). Because SaaS is a web-based solution, configuration will be done by an IT expert on HTTPS to allow uses authenticate data transfer location. Subsequently, this kind of configuration guarantees data integrity and privacy important aspects of Kelly’s saloon. Alternatively, the system might be configured on PostgreSQL, which directly backs up data to the servers.
d. Testing
Testing of SaaS integrates different techniques such as Agile that accelerates the procedure. SaaS has an automated vendor that offers testing services. Automated testing is necessary since SaaS is a web-based solution and during this procedure it uses devices to handle quality aspects in the functioning, interface and unit. Therefore, to ensure that the system operates effectively to meet Kelly’s business requirements, she will create at least two databases; Production database for the daily activities of the

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