The Marriott Hotels: Customer Relationship Management

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Through this day and age, if a company does not have a business software application, they are either falling behind or non-existent. Whether it is a Decision Support System or Supply Chain Management, having some sort of business software application is critical for a company’s success. Through research, we found that the Marriott Hotels use Customer Relationship Management in order to achieve success within their company. It all began with an A&W root beer stand. Founder J. Willard Marriott and his wife, Alice, got their young business off during Washington D.C.’s hot, muggy summers. Good food and good service at a fair price became a guiding principle for Hot Shoppes restaurants--and for Marriott International as it grew. In 1937, "In-flight" airline catering debuts …show more content…
The product that they offer for a low rate relative to other competitors. The service brings Marriott an effective package that promises maintenance and various services. Located in Seattle, Guestware started up in 1990, and has had tremendous growth ever since. Since then, they have grown to service over 900 hotels spanning 75 countries across the globe. There are several factors that set them apart from other companies offering customer relationship management systems to hotels. They tailor their product to hotels of all size, making themselves the best fit for a wide array of hospitality businesses. The main purpose of the product is to connect customers and the company, making it an easier experience for everybody. This will lead to a higher rate of customer satisfaction, increasing the returning customer rate for the company. As you can see, the Guestware customer relationship management system is a unique product that is a mogul in the software business, giving Marriott a huge upper hand when it comes to attracting

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