Hilton Competitive Advantage

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As stated above Hilton has 4 direct competitors in their industry. These competitors are Starwood Hotels, Choice Hotels International, Marriott Hotels, and InterContinental Hotels. These 5 major hotel brands are all very competitive since no group has more than a 20% market share. But each hotel firm has their individual strategies in order to best compete against their rivalries. Hilton has easily recognized their competitive strategy as one of broad differentiation. They seek to create all different types of brands that cater to each specific target markets needs and wants. Marriott offers the upscale, high-end accommodations like Ritz Carlton to business travelers with the Courtyard by Marriott. Hilton has created 10 different
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Marriott’s obvious overarching strategy is a general differentiation strategy. Over the years, the addition of new hotel chains and services to Hilton’s portfolio has diversified its brand. This competitive strategy is the primary tactic Hilton uses to satisfy its diverse group of customers and target markets. From budget level travelers seeking the Fairfield Inn, to business travelers who stay at Courtyard by Marriott, and Ritz Carlton as the high-class traveler’s pick, Hilton looks to satisfy a variety of niches. The ability to appeal to a wide range of customers and deliver exceptional guest service is what creates positive word of mouth, positive brand image, more business, and a larger group of loyal …show more content…
Another successful competitive strategy was the company’s implementation of their own personal taxi service. “Hilton Taxi Service” has created a simple yet effective competitive advantage for the company. Rather than guests having to wait for unreliable taxis that can often charge ridiculous prices, Hilton’s shuttle van service does the opposite (Hilton Taxi Service, 2011). Guests are no longer stranded; they don’t have to worry about rental cars. This is especially important for the business traveler, who is looking to get from point A to point B with minimal stress. Hilton recognized a need from its customers and acted on it. This simple addition to the services it provides has definitely contributed to positive brand image, increased customer satisfaction and loyal customer

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