Hyatt Mission Statement

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Hyatt Corporation is one of the leading hotel companies in the United States. Hyatt was founded in 1957 by Jay Pritzker and his brother Donald Pritzker, when they came from Ukraine. In 1957, Jay Pritzker bought a small motel in Los Angeles International Airport named Hyatt House. Jay Pritzker grew into a chain of six hotels. As time went by, Hyatt expanded to over 87 hotels and 16 resorts. Hyatt Corporation have over 47,000 employees. Pritzker brother’s vision was to reflect the culture of the local areas. Also, they provided numerous activities in the hotel for the guest delight.
In October 23, 1986, the Hyatt Corporation developed a new facility at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Hyatt Regency DFW offers a balance of business and convention
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They have two main goals. The first goal is to lead. What the company means with leading is to; look and listing, evaluate, act and design with the only purpose of making the best of the hotel. The second and main goal is the five service essentials; Greet every guest with a smile, Use the guest name at every opportunity, Provide quick and efficient service, Offer assistance and provide options and Thank the guest and invite them back. The business goals is to be the most preferred brand in each customer segment that we serve for our associates, guests and …show more content…
The address of this hotel is 2337 South International Parkway DFW airport, Texas. The ticker symbol or better know stock symbol is H. Hyatt DFW has 275 full and part time employees. The employee turn over of the hotel is 72%. The occupancy rate depends on forecasted, a typical day at the housekeeping area is seven housekeepers and two managers. During the night they normally four housekeepers and one manager. The hotel occupancy rate change daily. The hotel main revenue is the conventions and groups activities, with a 55% of the business. The guest normally spends around $400 on a 1.5 night average. Important revenue is the individual business traveler, with a 44% of the business. They spend over $250 on a 1.5 night average. Vacation and leisure purposes are only the 5% of the business, spending around $150 on a 1.5 night

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