Dimond Proven: A Narrative Fiction

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It had been 2 weeks since Spike had rescued the mere-pony, and in that whole time had been spent walking home, so it`s understandable that when Spike made it to his cottage in Dimond Cove he hung up his black cloak, went to his bed and slept for 2 solid days. Spike`s cottage was medium sized and had 2 floors, the first floor had a rocking chair and a small lap with some book`s incase Spike got board, it also had a small kitchen with a fringe filled half with booze and half with Gems, with a few bottles of Honey in there incase he wanted to add some taste to the gems. there was also a closet full of letters from the main 6, celestia, luna, cadence and shiny armer, and Flurry heart. he would`t mind so if it were`t for the fact that almost all …show more content…
"looks like i`ll be staying home for awhile." and so Spike did the only thing he could think to do, he went home grabbed some gems, and went to Dimond cove`s port, when he arrived he found a very particular sight, a earth pony without his shirt on was waist deep in the freeze water screaming nonsense to the waves. Spike though it was weird at first then heard more screaming and saw a whole bunch of pony`s screaming, some of them jumping of there ship`s, then, realizing these idiots where under some sort of magic spell, Spike simply walked into the water up to the screaming colt and gave him a open palm slap to the face, the colt was knocked out cold, Spike picked him up, went to the ship and administered his "treatment" to the entirety of the crew. after about 20 minutes they woke up. and they all seemed to have no idea where the hell they were, the Captain of the ship, the first one Spike had slapped, shook Spikes hand and said "I`ve no idea where we are or how we got here but thank ya kindly my friend, last thing I remember was the most Beautiful song, then next thing i know, where here, and it seems some of our crew didn`t make it to shore at all." in fact the ship it self was half sinking and the mast was broken, "it seems" Spike said "that you almost didn`t make it here at all, what did this song sound like?" "well" the Captain started"it sounded like, well.....like a... i think it wa-" it was then that Spike heard it, it was indeed a beautiful song, the words imposible to make out, but the voice it sounded familiar, as if he`d heard it before. He was about to ask the Captain if this was the same sound he`d heard when he heard a splash, they were all jumping over board again!"oh for the love of.." within a minute Spike had slapped them all unconscious and wrapped them up in some blackness he found on the ship. the sound continued and, feeling that more pony`s might kill them selfs he got on a dingy and

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