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  • Power In John Cheever's The Enormous Radio

    In modern day society, technology is a staple commodity. It helps us accomplish a myriad of tasks efficiently and within a time frame that we most likely would not be able to achieve without it. It helps us travel across continents in mere hours and even venture out of our atmosphere. Even more recently, as social media and communication is becoming a greater part of our culture than ever before, it enables us to connect absolutely."Knowledge is power" is a phrase often used in society, widely accepted as truth, and has most definitely earned its merit, as it's those who possess knowledge who more often than not prosper in society. Yet, even while fully aware of its value, knowledge is still something feared greatly by many individuals.With the ever-increasing network made accessible to us through the use of technology and social media platforms also comes the decline of secrecy, privacy, and individualism. While this does mean we are able to acquire greater amounts of information than ever before, more is not always better. The 1999 film "The Matrix" depicts a reality in which mankind is unknowingly enslaved by machines. Almost all humans are unconscious, completely unaware of the fact that they are living within a virtual reality. There are, however, a few who become conscious of this truth. Those who do become sought after by humanity's last chance at resistance, and are offered two pills. The blue pill enables the individual to wake up in their bed, completely oblivious…

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  • Fate Vs Freewill In Lord Of The Flies

    The universe created by this film has an all out war, clearly defined between Man and Machine. But that's not all, this movie shows that we are more like machines than we think and that they are more like us. Many times it is shown that the humans who have been released from the Matrix are as relentlessly driven as the machines that held them captive. Morpheus faith in Neo and the prophecy is unwavering and unquestioning. In almost all situations Neo has a robotic like calm surrounding him.…

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