Hyundai Dynasty

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  • Tata Nano Case Study

    CASE BRIEF – TATA NANO DESCRIPTION Tata developed and started manufacturing Tata Nano, “the cheapest car in the world”, and has to decide the level of production capacity. Should Tata be conservative risking to cede market to competitors or should they make an aggressive commitment? EVALUATIONS Tata worked years to develop a ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Car) targeting the bottom end of the pyramid of the Indian population. The development of Tata Nano was based on 3 main targets: cost lower than Rs 1 lakh, meet Indian domestic regulations, and performances meeting the minimum customer acceptance. The Indian potential market for such ULCC is estimated to be 380,000 units/year, and initial sales shows most of the requests coming for the top Nano model (i.e. LX model which target the comfort), 75% of the requests are concentrated outside of the main cities, and 50% of the requests are finalized to buy a second car. This last point is clearly off the positioning wanted by Tata which targeted families which own two wheelers. Essential is to understand the positioning of Tata Nano as “the cheapest car in the world” and the targeting wanted by Tata which are the 2-wheelers owners to switch to 4-wheel ULCC. A PESTLE analysis is performed before moving to the recommendations. • POLITICAL: Various Indian states offered incentives to set the production in their land. Export of car is growing especially in Asia and Africa. Tax reduction are applied to specific vehicle such as UV and MPV. •…

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  • Car Finder Analysis

    A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta DO Briton Hyundai developed a hilarious commercial, staring Kevin Hart, to be released during the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl as entertainment for all of those crazy, overprotective parents out there. Hyundai released the Car Finder commercial during the 2016 Super Bowl in order to promote the new feature in front of all those overprotective parents watching Super Bowl commercials. Every parent wants to protect their children, especially when they…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Advertising

    Before determining whether the advertisement is effective or ineffective the purpose of the advertisement must be understood. Hyundai Motor Company, established in 1967 and the world’s largest automobile manufacturing plant in Ulsan, South Korea, produces over 1.6 million vehicles annually. Hyundai strives to create vehicles that live by their motto, “New Thinking. New Possibilities.” In the TV commercial, Kevin Hart plays an overprotective father who lends his daughter’s date the keys to his…

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  • Case Study Of Hyundai

    This September, the 2017 Genesis G80 will officially launch Hyundai’s luxury brand in North America. The new model replaces the previous Hyundai Genesis sedan and is priced from $42,350, including a $950 destination charge. Higher Price, More Standard Amenities With a cost difference of $2,650 between old and new, this represents a 6.8-percent price increase over the previous model. Even so, the Genesis G80 provides an improved list of standard content, including a host of safety features…

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  • Hyundai Essay Introduction

    Hyundai 's first offerings in the United States were a failure, due to their reliability problems. The Excel and Scoupe sedans often fell apart with low mileage, and had numerous mechanical issues involving transmissions, electrical components, and the engine itself. After not being able to land a substantial chunk of the American marketplace, this South Korean automaker decided to double its efforts, in releasing new vehicles that would offer years of service at a reasonable price. They have…

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  • Suzanna Blier's Art And Risk In Ancient Yoruba

    Suzanna Blier’s Art and Risk in Ancient Yoruba: Ife History, Power and Identity examines the creation and expression of sculptures and other arts in the ancient city of Ife. The novel provides an interesting lens into the early civilization’s culture by examining the often perplexingly technical sculptures that have intrigued historians for centuries. The first chapter specifically address Blier’s theory that the looming potential of different risks bolstered the quality and technical complexity…

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  • Super Bowl 50 Commercial Analysis

    Hyundai’s Super Bowl 50 Commercial is a good example of how advertisers use emotional appeals to target consumers. We will analyze this commercial in more detail throughout this essay. As the official automotive sponsor of the National Football League, Hyundai had a great advertising presence during Super Bowl 50th. Hyundai released a spot titled “First Date” that marketed the Genesis sedan (Bruce). This commercial used the humor of…

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  • Marble Statue Of A Youthful Hercules Analysis

    The development of sculpture are closely associated the emergence of human society. It is the history of human identity recording the thoughts, culture, and aesthetic concept of the people at that age, also reflects the pursuit of one generation to another generation. Commemorative Portrait of a Chief (Lefem), an African wood sculpture from 19th to early 20th century, is a portrayal of one of the ruler of Bangwa chiefdoms . In contrast, The Marble Statue of a Youthful Hercules, a Roman marble…

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  • Effects Of The Silver Trade

    The silver trade of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries was a major historical process. The global flow of silver had many effects on the multitude of societies that participated. There were many economic effects, such as the heavy global economic involvement of many Asian nations in this trade (Documents 2,4,6,7,8) and greater monetary pressure in China during the Ming Dynasty (Documents 1,3,5), and some social nuances because of this trade, such as a greater European desire for Asian goods…

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  • The Rise Of The Qing Dynasty In China

    During the 17th century, the Manchus founded the Qing Dynasty in China. The Qing Dynasty ruled for more than 260 years, and expanded the borders of China to include Taiwan, Mongolia, Tibet, and Chinese Central Asia. While they were initially resisted for being non-Chinese, their adherence to traditional Chinese Confucian beliefs and social structures earned the respect of the people. Under the Qing emperors, particularly Kangxi and his grandson Qian-long, China 's prosperity was restored. Kangxi…

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