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  • Made In America Moral

    Aural As previously mentioned, Corner states that the aural category of documentary aesthetics is strongly linked to images and because of this could be considered a secondary aesthetic. While I agree that documentary television was considered less aesthetically inclined during the early 2000s, I’d argue that recent television documentaries, like O.J.: Made in America, have reversed what Corner is suggesting. Edelman often allows the aural contents of the narrative to take the lead in parts of the documentary to produce an effective understanding of character. During Part One of the series Simpson’s natural characteristics of charm and self-preservation is under review. To depict this aspect of Simpson, Edelman chose a childhood memory from Simpson’s childhood friend, Joe Bell. In his captivating raspy, breathy voice Bell describes how Simpson, himself, and their friend, Al Cowlings, were caught shooting dice in the boy’s restroom by their high school football coach. Bell laughs as he recounts Simpson easily talking his way out of trouble, leaving his two friends to suffer the consequence without him. The images corresponding with Bell’s voice follow the story perfectly: “We were cursing and talking loud, and I’m shaking the dice. And all of a sudden, these big wingtip shoe slide into the circle,” Bell says as the image of a spinning dice on beige tile is interrupted by a pair of black wingtip shoes. Bell continues, “And I looked up, and it was Coach McBride.” The image cuts…

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  • Cracker Barrel Case Study

    servers from the local Cracker Barrel know all the tips and tricks to getting the best tips and staying on top of the game when it comes to serving. Angelique Ochoa has been a server for just under a year and believe that it is her bubbling personality that gives her the edge in getting tips from her customers. “If you are rude to them and act like you don’t care about the customers, I guarantee that you would be lucky enough to even get two dollars from the,” says Ochoa. “I want them to know…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Love My Job

    I did not go to the college after I graduated from high school; I decided to work at the Chinese restaurant and tried to save some money instead. Working at the restaurant is a hard work and need to stand on the floor at all times. To be honesty to say that, I still love my job because I enjoy to interacting with different people. I remembered my first job was a dish washer in the Chinese restaurant for one whole year and I hated it so much because of the endless hours. It made me so jealous and…

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  • PESTLE Analysis: Pestle Analysis Of A Soap Industry

    PESTLE ANALYSIS Pestle analysis which sometimes is also referred to as PEST analysis is used as a tool by companies to track the environment they are operating in. It gives a bird eye view of the whole environment from the many different angles one wants to check and keep a track of while contemplating on a certain idea or a plan POLITICAL: Guwhati tea factory had to be shut down due to threat and extortion it faced ECONOMIC: There has been a hike in oil rates yet HUL maintains its profits and…

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  • Bird Flight Lab Report

    Aspect Ratio and Angular Momentum: Aspect ratios are usually considered between the length of the wings of the bird and the wing’s width. This factor determines how well the bird can perform during flight. This aspect ratio could affect many things: High Aspect Ratio: Balance: Long narrow wings for example will add to the stability and balance of a bird. The best example of this would be a tightrope walker, the long pole that person holds adds to the balance of that person on the rope. Drag/…

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  • Flight In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    fly from the roof of a hospital. He wrote in a letter “I will take off from Mercy and fly away on my own wings” (Morrison 3). While this is clearly an act of suicide, the people may not have thought this to be true. “A few of the half…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Wing And A Prayer

    A Wing and a Prayer Small northern communities are tight knit. It’s not that everybody knows everybody else’s business, but everybody is conscious who has not come back from the trap line come dark, whose boats are out on the lake on a windy day, and what flying conditions are like as they listen for that unmistakable drone of a returning Otter or Beaver. Often people will gather and go out to wistfully search the horizon for comforting signs of their loved ones. Such was the case one heavily…

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  • The Trope Of Flying In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    The Evolution of the Trope of Flying In Morrison’s Song of Solomon Flying is a trope which is depicted prominently in Toni Morrison’s book Song of Solomon. This trope appears in the book as a branch of magic realism and it provides the magical element within harshness and tepid realism. The trope unites all the different elements of the story together throughout the entire book. Obviously, flying is an important clue in the book and it is used for both literally and figuratively as a way to…

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  • Characteristics Of Pigeon

    canal called external auditory meatus which is closed below by the tympanic membrane. Neck –*The neck is long cylindrical and flexible. *Neck compensates for the conversion of forelimbs into wings. *The neck is very mobile and helps in handling food and is also responsible for for the universal movement of the…

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  • Puffins In Penguin Research Paper

    Puffins, one of the few wing-propelled diving birds, are specialized into a specific niche. By balancing the optimization of their bodies for locomotion between the two media of air and sea water created a unique anatomy for a bird. The evolution of Auks, which includes the puffin, shows a mixture of characteristics similar to those of the ultimate diving bird, the penguin, and the large-winged flyers, such as the pelican. Wing-propelled diving has evolved numerous times in the history of birds,…

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