A Wing And A Prayer Analysis

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A Wing and a Prayer
Small northern communities are tight knit. It’s not that everybody knows everybody else’s business, but everybody is conscious who has not come back from the trap line come dark, whose boats are out on the lake on a windy day, and what flying conditions are like as they listen for that unmistakable drone of a returning Otter or Beaver. Often people will gather and go out to wistfully search the horizon for comforting signs of their loved ones. Such was the case one heavily overcast evening. The Otter was late
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As the plane sped by us, my pilot friend was crying out. “No, No, No, you idiot!” (italics is my interpretation) I was crying out, “Lord, lift; Lord, lift; Lord, lift!” The plane relentlessly headed for the rock cliff and, with only a couple hundred yards to go, was no more than 10 to 15 feet in the air. The pilot realizing he was going to crash, turned the plane sharply toward the north trying to make one last ditch attempt to climb out over the ice. However, the pilot was already into the curvature of the bay and now there were trees all around him. The wing dipped low toward the ice and the plane seemed to lose its speed and go into a stall, momentarily suspended in mid- air waiting to fall backward into the lake. “NO!” “LIFT, LORD!” And then …show more content…
It wasa strong, stiff, steady breeze. The propeller stopped flailing like it was starved for air, and the plane gently rose like a helicopter straight up with its nose slightly pointed into the wind! It rose for about 50 feet, clearing the wall of evergreens as though a hand had been placed underneath. The nose lowered and the craft slowly turned toward us picking up speed as he flew overhead rocking the wings back and forth in a parting goodbye. In moments, he was out of sight. My friend looked at me and said, “That is impossible for a fixed-wing aircraft to do what you have just seen! That is a miracle!” We walked back toward his base office in silence. I know enough about flying to know it was a miracle too. Though our encounter with the pilot was so hurried, I think those Bibles told us he had a heart of faith and may have been a Christian brother. Thank you Lord for wings and prayers and the mysteries and timing of creation that spontaneously respond to your

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