The Importance Of Text To World Connection

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Review How to Make Connections

2) Read the African proverb on p. 8

What text to self connection did you make to this proverb?
This quote connects to me and makes me relive the memory when I used to get bullied at my old school. I never expected it in a million years and this girl made a huge difference in my life. This girl was my best friend or so I thought. She turned my whole friend group against me (again “friend group”). Physically she was small, but the words she used against me changed my life. She was only a student yet, her words still seemed to damage me emotionally. I had no friends to hang out with, I was being called names daily and since she was “popular” not a lot of people liked me after the incident. However, soon I ended up moving to Kitchener anyways. In conclusion, the bully changed my life for better and worse. In the moment, it was terrible although now, I have learned a lesson on who to trust and when to leave someone out of my life.
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I have been noticing a lot of commercials and people on the news talking about using reusable bags and recycling more. This won’t necessarily help us, but it will help our kids and grandkids in the future. We need to start worrying about how our future generations will be affected by how we act. That statement is talked about a lot on the news, commercials, etc. A company that would be affected by us using reusable bags is, the company that makes plastic bags. Since people will not be buying them anymore, they would have no way to make a profit. They would be just wasting their own money, making the bags without anyone buying them. Going back to the dryer tip, if everyone stopped using dryers and hung up their clothes, dryer companies would suffer. No one would be buying their product therefore, they would lose

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