The Benefits Of Go Green

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Due to the growth of population, the demand of resources has massively increased, which creates pollution and causes unstoppable growth of global average temperature that are harming the environment. This situation known as the Global Warming, which is one of the biggest issues today. Nowadays, each individual is heavily dependent on electricity and vehicles that he/she has develop the habits of wasting because of the advantage of conveniences. Therefore, to avoid global warming, go green is the best way to stop the damaging, and it is simple and easy for each individual to exercise in their daily life. The proposal will provide the problem of the Global Warming, various methods and the benefits of going green – reduce, reuse, recycle.
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In everyday life, we can see green sign everywhere that reminds us of the environment. The color green gives us the motivation to save the Earth. The first step to approach the goal is to recycle. “According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 75 percent of material destined for a landfill could be recycled” (Go Green, 12). This situation shows us that most people do not aware of recyclable objects when they are putting up the trash. In order to solve the problem, individuals or places can begin placing clean, organize, and attractive recycle boxes next to “the area where supplies are checked in for storage” (Go Green, 12). For example, according to Go Green, a box for paper to be collect and recycle can position next to the printers (12). Secondly, reduce is another method to save more resources and supplies. By teaching and putting on signs of the knowledge about turning off the water while brushing teeth, brining personal bottles while going to coffee shops, carrying individual shopping bags instead of buying paper or plastic bags, etc. Since the enhance of technologies, many schools and companies start the paperless policy so it can reduce the chances of deforestation. Thirdly, instead of tossing things away, reusing items until they are not able to be used again is another strategy to reduce materials, such as reuse mailing packages and paper. Lastly, rethink of your action …show more content…
According to Weisser, sustainability means “reused, recycled, or repeated in some way” (602). By reduce, reused, and recycled, the growth of human and the economy will be balance without damaging the environment. Because there is too much waste, pollution, and toxic chemicals generate by human that harm the environment badly. “Sustainability must be economically feasible – human development depends on the long-term production, use, and management of resources as part of a global economy.” (Weisser, 604). He suggests that by having sustainability, human would not only have sufficient resources, but also have a better economy and society. For instance, according to Johansen, many constructions have use the guidelines of sustainability, meaning “architects have been finding all sorts of ways to reduce energy use” (52). Every person who lives in the world must manage resources wisely and use them

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