The Importance Of Fracking

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The problem with today’s world is that everyone is so focused on saving the environment that they don’t take time to see if a certain action works, they just wait until someone comes up with a probable idea and follow what they say in order to see themselves as someone who helps Earth. This isn’t always the case, as people don’t follow exactly what a researcher says to save the environment, but rather gets in the bandwagon and do that part which most people follow. While this may seem like a great idea, it’s really not as the part that they’re doing, in this case recycling, isn’t what should be done first. With saying this it is important that people learn more about recycling to save the environment, and this could also mean that anything …show more content…
Although fracking seems to lower costs in the consumer's world, what is it doing in our actual environment. An excerpt from the article “The Truth about Fracking,” by Chris Mooney Fracking is, “When a vertical well shaft hits a layer of shale, chemically treated water and sand are blasted down at high pressure to crack open the rock and liberate natural gas.” However after this is done there is also another step. They would blast down the water at high pressure and “Then the flowback water has to be managed; up to 75 percent of what is blasted down comes back up. It is laden not only with a cocktail of chemicals—used to help the fracking fluid flow, to protect the pipe and kill bacteria, and many other purposes—but often with radioactive materials and salts from the underground layers. This toxic water must be stored on-site and later transported to treatment plants or reused.” As you can see this process isn’t completely clean, not all the water being used is able to be stored away safely but rather left and forgotten about. “The problem is that even when proper precautions are taken, pit linings can tear, and in heavy rains the pits can overflow.” This is the reason why before attempting to do something to the environment, the action should be carefully studied first before being used. “All these processes can cause accidents. “This is not a risk-free industry,” explains Terry Engelder, a hydraulic fracturing expert at Pennsylvania State University…” As stated, it isn’t a risk-free industry, so with this is shouldn’t be attempted yet. At first, in order to save the environment, the accidents or harmful effects should all be thought out and at least have an attempt the be

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