Problems With Fracking

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Problems that Require these Polices
There are many problems that has led to our current policies on fracking, which include the growth of the United States and its dependency on foreign oil has caused transformations in our technological innovations within the oil and gas industries. There are other areas which are more concerning, for instance, the regulations regarding fracking is that they are over thirty years old. Regulations vary from state to state, and the government has simply put failed to take a leadership role in the matter and has left some very unresolved concerns for public safety. These concerns are over the environmental impact caused by fracking. Environmentalist fear that humans and the wildlife are endanger caused by fracking contaminating surrounding water supplies (Davenport, 2015).
Policy Description First and foremost, the new federal rules for fracking is not a mandated policy it is however a model for states to follow. The Obama administration hopes that the federal rules will serve as a de facto for state legislatures (Davenport, 2015). Another important note is that the EPA report in 2004, states that there has been no findings that would suggest fracking is concern for public safety. For the last four years the Interior Department has been creating rules for fracking. These rules focus mainly on drilling
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Fracking has helped America become more independent on foreign oil and gas, which has helped in the lower of gas prices. According to Drilling Info (2012), the price of oil is 20% lower and the price of natural gas is 80% cheaper and in some cases it’s as much as 620% cheaper. Besides the gas prices, fracking has also contributed to the growth of our economy by providing jobs to thousands of people at every level. Fracking has reduced our CO2 contribution over 200 kilotons per day and overall our CO2 emissions is at 1.7% with no economic

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