The Effects Of Hydraulic Fracking

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I am originally from a small rural community in Ohio which has poor regulation on the air and water quality which humans depend on to sustain life.
Throughout the city, hydraulic fracking has become a common method to obtain energy. This method of obtaining energy is misconceptualized to be a cleaner alternative to oil and coal, however, with a first hand on experience with living in this area allows me to witness otherwise. This city is known as Youngstown, Ohio.
Hydraulic fracking is a process in which metal pipes are drilled miles deep into the ground. This method requires millions of gallons of water and chemicals which are injected into down the pipe thus causing rock layers called shale to break eventually releasing natural gas.
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Both being green house gases, carbon dioxide and methane trap in heat to allow our earth to have moderate climates. With the excess amount of methane, however, this will cause climate change and the melting of Greenland and Iceland which will cause sea levels to rise. This creates a chain reaction because if the environment is under water, there is no chance for life to be sustained. Despite the fact that people may argue that there is no correlation between the environment and economic benefits from fracking, they are interdependent and symbiotic meaning that just as households and businesses depend on one another to keep the economy going, the environment needs to exist for people to live and if we keep treating the place we call home in an unethical manner there will not be a place for the future generation.
Lastly, when discussing the negative externalities of fracking, there are clearly the need for federal regulations on the fracking process which proves there needs to be a focus on a shift in demand to protect the doctrine of public trust. The doctrine of public trust is the communal resources people share such as the air and water. This doctrine needs to be maintained because the resources on the earth are communal meaning they are shared by the whole public and if these are polluted, the whole population will be affected

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