What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fracking

“Hydro fracturing”, also known as fracking, is a controversial oil and gas extraction technique used to access fossil energy. This process literally smashes shale rock with millions of gallons of water and chemicals to access the gas. This process is very unnecessarily harmful in many ways. It hurts the environment and climate, it hurts the health of humans, and it causes dangerous earthquakes. This practice only benefits the big businesses and oil companies, and should be stopped as soon as possible.
In any area of the globe, fracking causes damage and destruction of the environment. The natural gas option that was previously seen as more climate friendly, is actually seriously harming it. Fracking has been proven to be linked to leaks of methane 23 times more potent in greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. A recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Opposing Viewpoints, monitoring gas wells in Weld County, Colorado, estimated that 4 percent of the methane produced by these wells is escaping into the atmosphere. The only way to stop climate change is to stop burning fossil fuels, not dig more up. Through air pollution, water contamination, and improper disposal of waste products, this type of drilling is causing great harm. Since they starting practicing “fracking”, there have
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“Hydro Fracturing” is a terrible thing due to the harm it does to the environment, the health problems it causes, and the earthquakes that come from it. No matter how cheap it is, there are more important things such as the earth we live on, the people we love, and the home we live in. The other options available prove that we don 't have to harm living things to gain energy. That is why you should not support fracking. Together, those who believe in this cause can protest, petition, and boycott until the practice of fracking is completely

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