Hurricane And Climate Change Essay

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Hurricanes are benefitting from the effects of climate change.

Humans should be concerned about how climate change intensifies natural disasters, more specifically hurricanes, for it affects our lives and the environment. Places susceptible to hurricanes, such as the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Pacific Ocean, will be hit by more intense storms in the future if we are not mindful of how to slow down climate change.

Hurricanes are formed when the moist air from the surface of oceans rise and meets cooler air as it rises. Then, the warm air condenses to form clouds, and since the warm air rose away from the surface of the ocean, it created a zone of low pressure at the surface of the ocean. In turn, this causes air from high pressure areas to
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They can cause severe coastal flooding, and the moving water has the potential to carry poorly built buildings, bridges, and even cars!

In fact, Hurricane Isaac cost the U.S. 3 billion dollars to respond and recover. It also left 900,000 people without power.

The flooding can contaminate the waters and landscape by picking up pesticides, sewage and/or sediment. The strong winds from hurricanes can also topple down trees, and leave many animals without homes.

In my opinion, climate change is something we cannot completely eradicate, however we can slow down its effects. We can do that by reducing our carbon footprint, and there are many ways to do this. For example, cut down on livestock products such as beef or dairy. It takes a lot of energy, water and land to raise livestock, and as long as the demand is high, we will be wasting our resources on maintaining these animals.

In addition, one should try to frequently take public transit or walk instead of taking their own personal vehicle. The emissions produced from cars greatly contribute to the pollution released into the air, which lowers the quality of the air, and thickens the atmosphere as well.

Recycling is something simple that we can all do the reduce our carbon footprint as

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