Drain Of Sustainability Essay

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The Stain of Sustainability
Sustainability is discussed in “Attention Whole Food Shoppers” by Robert Paarlberg and “Sustainability by Christian R Weisser. Christian R Weisser speaks more about the idea of what sustainability is and how is important for society to be aware of it. Robert Paarlberg explains in his article the way the Earth is more and less sustainable because of everyone 's actions around the world. Both articles touch on the ideas that there are people out there helping change Earth for the better, and want to make earth sustainable for the future. The authors both explain how there are also harmful situations happening that hardly balance out the help from others trying to make a difference. Everyone on Earth is responsible
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It is clear that both texts show the changes being made to help the Earth. The articles discuss ideas that have made significant changes in our environment. While the changes are helping us protect and make the Earth more sustainable for the future, the articles shine a light on different ways the Earth is being harmed as …show more content…
Both concepts directly deal with Earth, one is negative and the other is positive. Many times the topics discussed are the negatives. Weisser, in his article title, “Sustainability”, elaborates “We are living in a critical time, in which global supply of natural resources and ecosystem services are declining dramatically, while demand for these resources is escalating”(606). The resources the Earth needs to be sustainable are slowly disappearing due to the harmful acts of society. The world is not going to be able to thrive in the future if the humans continue to make a negative impact on Earth. The future depends on the decisions being made now.
In the past, when the idea of organic farming was first presented, many farmers considered it to be more helpful to the environment. Now in present times, Robert Paarlberg expresses “Scaling up registered organic farming would be on balance harmful, not helpful, to the natural environment”(615). Organic farming although it seemed to be better for people and the environment proved to be wrong. Organic farming only made more of a negative impact on Earth until farmers became more educated about the ways to correctly farm. Farmers should become more educated to know how to make the Earth more

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