Deforestation In The Amazon Rainforests

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There is an ever growing problem within this world and if not addressed quickly, major problems will arise. The way we, as humans, are living today is no longer sustainable with our vast population. Sustainability is understood to mean something along the lines of not consuming resources faster than there production. If we continue on this path there may be devastating effects such as starvation, mass dehydration, and increased war. In recent years some scientists have started to tackle this problem but with only mediocre success. The current way of life for human beings is no longer sustainable, due to rainforest destruction, soil depletion, large population growth, food and water shortages, and pollution. Rainforests are extremely …show more content…
The Amazon rainforests store half or earths rainwater. With all the important things rainforests do for the earth, why are people destroying them at an alarming rate? Cattle ranching is the main reason for deforestation due to the farming techniques used. Locals use a technique called slash and burn which accounts for fifty percent of all lost rainforests. On a small scale this technique does not cause much harm, but with the increased need for cattle meat in counties like China, Russia, and North America, farming is being performed on an industrial scale. This technique degrades soil quality and destroys trees. The second largest cause for rainforest deforestation is logging. Timber companies use a technique called clear felling in which they destroy huge areas of forest all at once causing huge dead spots in the landscape. After clearing the land, timber companies ship large trees to countries for furniture and small trees for charcoal production. Although these processes create goods for people all across the world, there are numerous negative effects. Rainforests continually recycle huge quantities of water and feed rivers, …show more content…
Pollution can be described as a contamination of air, water, and soil by introducing foreign contaminants. Some major causes of pollution are burning fossil fuels, agricultural, and factory waste products. With the introduction of these contaminants, they can cause detrimental effects to the environment. There are many forms of pollution. The most common being air, water, agricultural, nutrient, and land pollution. When looking at nutrient and water pollution there are many negative effects. Pollution can create large dead zones, or areas in water with little or no oxygen, where aquatic life cannot survive. Hypoxia is the prime reason for these dead zones where algae blooms consume oxygen as they die and decompose. These dead zones are a major issue causing entire ecosystems to collapse. There are an estimated one hundred and sixty six dead zones just in the United States. Some major dead zones are in the Chesapeake Bay and Gulf of Mexico. Acid rain is also another major contributor to lost environments. Acid rain is caused by nutrient pollution in the air which damages lakes, streams, estuaries, forests, and grasslands across the world. Another major issue, especially in the worlds larger cities, is smog which is caused by air pollution from cars and machines. In these large cities people are beginning to wear masks in order to protect themselves from the smog. With all the harmful

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