Legally Blonde: Movie Analysis

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At first glance, we see Elle Woods and we think that she is just a stereotypical blonde, who only thinks about her looks, what she wears, and when she is going to get married, but Legally Blonde does a great job showing how a woman can still look good while still being a strong and independent woman. Legally Blonde is a movie about a college woman that was majoring in fashion until her boyfriend breaks up with her and then she decides she is going to Harvard Law and become a lawyer. Legally Blonde is a great feminist film because it has strong female leads, passes the Bechdel test, and features a woman performing exceptionally well in a career field that was once dominated by men. In Legally Blonde there are multiple strong female characters such as Elle Woods and Professor Stormwell. When people think of strong characters we think about being strong physically, but that’s not the only way females can be made out to strong and it be a good feminist film. Writers could have good intentions of trying to make the female character strong but fall short by not making them as complex as they should be. A strongly written female character is one that “contributes to the plot, she has internal struggles, she has positive and negative traits and she is complex” states Riley J. …show more content…
When Elle decides she want to go to Harvard she goes to talk to her guidance counselor about what Elle needed to do in order to get accepted into Harvard. They talk about something other than men but the guidance counselor is never named. Vivian goes to Elle’s room and they start to talk about Bruiser but the conversation then turns to talk about Warner so in this instance the two female characters are named, but the conversation was about a

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