Personal Narrative: My Aunt Barb's Suicide

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My Aunt Barb suffered from bipolar depression for much of her life. She masked her pain by getting drunk or smoking marijuana. Barb 's lifestyle convinced her to divorce her husband, and the grief worsened her addiction. At many family events, she acted oddly agitated and solemn. I could never tell whether she was intoxicated or high.
One day on a ride home from school, my mom told me that my Aunt had committed suicide. Barb went to a motel in Little Falls, Minnesota, and drank a deadly mix of antidepressants and cherry wine. Authorities found her body after the motel owner hadn 't heard from her for two days. The funeral happened the following Wednesday, and it was difficult not to cry. It 's heartbreaking to see a family member lying dead in a casket. I felt like I played a part in her death.
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After the funeral, we went to Barb 's house for refreshments and reflection. Barb 's kids shared a few of her favorite dishes and desserts as a tribute. I grabbed a slice of cake and sat on a couch with my cousin, Rebecca. I noticed that while we were fine talking about Barb 's death, everyone else acted as if nothing happened. But we knew our Uncles and Aunts had to cave into their anger sometime.
A few months later, my family vacationed on the North Shore. During the car ride, I read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and listened to The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski. Barb had died on May 9th, and we went on our trip at the end of July. Between May and July, I barely slept. My broken heart resulted in many sleepless nights. A therapist told me that Barb’s made the suicide decision, not me, yet I refused to accept it.
My family drove from Minneapolis to Schroeder, Minnesota, to a vacation spot called Lamb 's Campground. My dad signed us in, we set up camp, made a fire, and after that went to bed. The next day we were planning to go to Grand Marais, which kept me excited most of the

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