Personal Narrative: Personal Experience

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“Mark, Mark, MARK!” said a familiar voice. “What do you want?” I replied, rolling over, with my eyes still closed.
I opened my eyes, realizing it was Daniel calling my name. I sat up on my bed quickly and felt like I had only slept for three hours. I remember stressing over the first couple weeks of college; being alone for the first time, having to be responsible for myself. I glanced around at the same old furniture; our two lofted beds, the TV against the far wall, and our black futon against the opposing wall. Beside the TV, were Daniel’s posters of Michael Jordan, Liam Neeson, and the Chainsmokers. Underneath his TV lay Daniel’s microwave which stated the time in its bold blue numbers, 8:20. “You slept through your alarm,
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You wanna come hang out with Daniel and me? also…I hope I didn’t offend you this morning I should’ve thought before I spoke, my bad”
I replied, “That’s ok life itsnt worth living anyways”
I climbed down from my lofted bed and moved closer to the window. I looked around the frame of the window, from corner to corner. I unlatched the screen between the dorm room and the dorm window. I slowly creaked the window little by little until the only thing in front of me was great outdoors. The entire time, I kept contemplating on the past couple of days. The only thing I found was grieving and despair. Thinking I had nothing left to lose, I proceeded toward the window. I started to climb up onto the windows ledge.
At that moment, I heard the Mario theme again. I immediately thought of the time my mother gave me that important phone call. I stood on the ledge, looking out at the darkness. The theme played again. I thought of Mitch and Daniel who both had my back from the beginning of college. It played a third time. I visualized the people who brought happiness and meaning to my life. I stood there.
I stood there on the
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Mitch and Daniel barged in. I went to turn my head and felt the outdoor wind rushing by my skin. I felt the outdoor wind rushing through my scalp.
Mitch and Daniel both yelled, “MARK!”

I heard the Mario theme song. I glanced at the screen, it was Daniel.
Daniel congratulated “Hey Mark! Happy Birthday!”
I responded, “Thanks man! How ya doing? It’s been a while.”
Daniel said, “I’m doing fine, I still can 't believe it 's been five years since we first met and man that was a crazy time. Also, I 've been meaning to ask you something about it but wasn 't sure if I should.”
After the accident, Daniel, Mitch and I grew closer to one another. They never bothered to ask about the incident because they did not want me to recall those moments.
“Ask away, I’m ok with it,” I replied.
“So…um...what happened five years ago? I still can 't wrap my head around it,” Daniel asked hesitantly.
I revealed, “At that time, I couldn’t think straight. It felt as if my life was falling apart and I didn’t wanna feel that way anymore. When I was on the ledge, looking outside, I thought of my mother, Mitch, and you. Then you and Mitch came into my room and I tried to see who it was. As I turned my head, my feet slipped and there I went.”
“Yeah…I 'm still very sorry for that,” Daniel

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