Personal Narrative: My Brother Louden

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• My brother Louden has made several mistakes, and I believe this was the result of all the difficult situations that my brother and family have gone thru. He began to changed in the year of 2007 when our sister Sandra Patricia Reyes Rosales, was diagnose with a terminal Cancer. A month after her three year old daughter, my niece Andrea Reyes had been diagnosed with Leukemia. A year after they were Diagnose, my sister Sandra Reyes passed away and everything change and taking a 360 degree turn . It was a very difficult year for all of us, we saw her suffer thru chemotherapies and see her die little by little. Losing my sister Sandra affected everyone in my family as we had to help my mother with my niece treatment and at the same time with my other three nephew.
• The death of my sister Sandra affected my brother Louden more than anyone else in the family, was
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My stepfather death was so suddenly and unexpectedly . On July 20th while my mother Elvia and I were returning from Pearsall Texas after the Individual Court hearing set for my brother Louden we received a call from my nephew Luis age 14 let us know that his grandpa had fainted at the place where they were working. We drove to the place of his work, but by the time we arrived the ambulance had already taking him. We picked my nephew Luis who had been left there on his own, and drove to the Hospital. When we arrived to the Hospital he had already had two cardiac arrest, My mother started screaming, asking him to wake up, he began to have a third cardiac arrest the nurses took my mother out and he was taken to the Operating room. After surgery we waited for him to wake up and Doctors were not sure why he wasn 't waking up. They believed he had enter into a diabetic coma. Two days after on July 22 the wait he was diagnosed with brain death, and my mother was asked to unplug him form the

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